Want To Lose Weight? Add A Spoonful of Ghee to Your Food

But when your wise old grandmother told you that ghee could in fact help you lose weight, she wasn’t kidding! Yes, this is not an old wives’ tale —- ghee helps you lose weight for real!

While butter is a huge turn-off for health junkies, Ghee has recently achieved the status of a health-promoting, Paleo approved Super-Food. Let’s find out why.

Ghee Is All Healthy Fats


Ghee is made by heating butter until all the milk solids separate and are then removed. It’s not got any dairy or lactose – just the healthy saturated fats found in milk that are essential for boosting immunity, muscle recovery as well as brain health.

It may sound like a paradox, but health experts will tell you that eating some amount of healthy fat is crucial for burning fat.

Ghee super-charges the gall bladder and hence flushes out old bile, encouraging the body to make fresh bile.

In fact, it’s commonly used in ‘oleation’ – a cleansing technique wherein 50-60ml of liquefied ghee is consumed in the morning for three days, every 3 months, so that it can lubricate the body with oil to attract all fat and fat soluble toxins that are then eliminated from the body.

It encourages fat metabolism and hence help shed accumulated fat reserves from the body. Ghee is also great for those looking to bulk-up as it fuels the body and helps rebuilding muscle lost during weight lifting.


The primary fatty acid in ghee is butyric acid, which is already made by healthy bacteria in our gut, and further supplementing it helps to increase immunity and eliminate all bad bacteria, while supporting growth of good bacteria. It has a hearty dose of Vitamins A, D, E and K, along with Omegas 3 & 9, all of which the body absorbs readily. What’s better –it aids in healthy digestion instead of sitting heavy in the stomach, which means that it also keeps digestive bloat at bay.

Add A Hearty Dose Of Ghee To Your Diet

The Conjugated Linolenic Acid in ghee is a type of Omega-6 fatty acid that is great for cleansing the body, boosting weight loss and is even rumoured to provide protection from cancer. Studies show that CLAs are great for weight loss, and also prevent weight gain. The amino acids in ghee mobilize fat cells so that they are used for fuel to energize your body, hence shrinking them in size.

Eat ghee in moderation, because it is after all, saturated fat. The daily recommended dose for ghee is 2 tablespoons per day for an active adult. Use it to sauté vegetables, add flavourful tadka to dals and curries, spread onto paranthas and rotis, and it also tastes yummy when added to freshly boiled steamed rice.

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