This Is Why You Are Ageing Quickly

You’re Not Taking It Easy On the Sugar


It’s not just a fad to ‘skip the white stuff’, and brown bread and multigrain pastas aren’t exactly a conspiracy either (although they may look like it). The breakdown of sugar or glycation damages collagen (which is the stuff that keeps your skin smooth and firm, and that which’s injections you’ll be needing if you don’t lay off those KitKats) Stick to low glycemic carbs like wholewheat pastas and breads, and if those sugar cravings hit, well, breathe.

Your Diet Is Too High In Animal Protein


I don’t need to tell you that animal protein is complex. (In structure, not like a poet’s mind) and that your body has to resort to all sorts of difficult forms of sorcery to digest all of those chicken wings. But animal protein is also very acidic.

Your body requires a pH of about 7.0 which is borderline alkaline and when you eat foods that move your body out of this range, your body will seek out mineral salts from your cells and bones.

And since animal protein is one of the most metabolically acidic foods on the planet, the demineralisation is making you old. And fast. Told you. Sorcery.

You’re Not Doing Enough Hatha Yoga


Let’s get one thing straight. Yoga is not Hatha Yoga. Hatha Yoga is what Madonna, and Adam Levine and you and I do, which is to say, an umbrella term under which most movement postures fall under.

Yoga is a lifestyle. It’s vegetarianism, and sattvic foods and thoughts, and centeredness, and meditation and being very committed to not being a d-bag in any way.

Hatha Yoga with its sun salutations and child’s pose not only keep you calm and hush that stress in your mind but also reduces inflammation and slows down skin stress. (Yes, that’s a thing and that occurs when you worry or whine a lot)

You’re Drinking Coffee Way Too Much


Coffee is bad for you. Period. Not to sound too English, but you really must give Tea a serious chance. And if you still struggling with getting out of bed in the morning – I suggest putting the disco lifestyle on pause for a while and going to bed early.

You’ve Eliminated All Fat


Eliminating trans-fat and stuff that leads to heart attacks is one thing, but unsaturated fat like nuts and fish oils are essential for keeping your brain and heart and joints functioning well. Plus going off all fat is going to dry your skin right up like a shrively ol’ prune – enter wrinkles.



  1. P

    So true with the animal protein!
    Any suggestions about what other protein we could replace meat with? And any suggested recipes for making brown bread at home? Thanks! 🙂


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