6 Supplements Every Woman Should Start Taking

Packed in attractive bottles that promise to offer ‘better health’ and change your life forever, these supplements look tempting. But for most women, the eternal question is:

Do I really need to take any supplements?


The answer is – if you have a healthy active lifestyle packed with activities that include chores at home, a full-time career and a highly engrossing social life, chances are that your body needs a little ‘Something extra’ to stay in top shape.

Though most women already know that they should take a multi-vitamin a day, many others are confused about which supplements they need every day and what dosage. Here is what every women needs to stay healthy, fit and fine.


Calcium is important for every women, especially because women are more prone to osteoporosis and don’t get enough quantity through their diet. Some women are of the opinion that dairy products are fattening and causes them to gain weight, but several researches conducted over the years have proved that calcium can in fact, help you reduced weight, apart from keeping your bones stronger and healthier.

Aim to get 1000mg every day, and it is better to take it in 2 tablets of 500 mg twice a day for better absorption. The body needs Vitamin D to use calcium more effectively, so preferably choose a supplement that has both.

Our recommendation:  Vitamin Shoppe Calcium Citrate 


Iron is an important supplement to consider, especially if your haemoglobin levels are low. Women who are menstruating often face iron deficiency if they have very heavy menstrual flow. You require about 15mg of Iron per day; though if you are pregnant opt for 30mg a day. This is especially important for women who do not eat red meat and iron rich green vegetables every day.

Iron supplements can ensure that your energy levels stay high through the day and you burn more calories with just a moderate workout.

Our recommendation: Nature’s Bounty Iron 65mg

Fish Oil 

Omega 3 Fish Oil is crucial for any woman. Not only do omega 3 supplements keep you healthy, they also reduce signs of premature ageing, improve your skin and hair and also mobilize fat deposits in the body that results in more effective weight loss. It supports healthy brain function and also resists sugar fluctuations.

Aim for 2 to 3 grams of Omega 3 Fish oils every day and try to include more flaxseed, oily fish, walnuts and Olive oil in your diet.

Our recommendation: NutriRange Omega 3 from Flaxseed Oil 

Whey Protein Powder 

Most women tend to shy away from whey protein powders because they wrongly believe it will make them bulk up. Most women fall short on their daily required intake of protein, especially those who are vegetarian. If you lead an active lifestyle and exercise religiously, then whey protein powder before and after workout will do you a world of good.

Whey proteins will boost your metabolism and ensure that your body stays fuelled for more energy. Use a heaped scoop of whey protein powder to form a thick shake or add it to your yogurt, oatmeal or porridge.

Our recommendation: Wellspring Whey-O-Life


Have terrible mood swings and feel lethargic by the end of the day? Try Zinc supplements; they fight off mood swings when you have PMS and also keep depression at bay. Along with that, Zinc also fights off infections and allergies and improves your emotional and physical health. Aim to take no less than 15mg per day, and also try some zinc rich food for a better result.

Our recommendation: SAN ZMA Pro

Folic Acid 

Whether you want to have a baby, are pregnant or are still in child-bearing age, Folic acid supplements offer a myriad of health benefits. They prevent birth defects in any baby you might carry, and also prevent hypertension caused by increased blood pressure.

It helps the body regenerate new cells, in particular Red Blood Cells that fight diseases and is also associated with prevention of cancer.

Our recommendation: Vitamin Shoppe Folic acid 400 mcg

Remember, a supplement cannot replace a healthy diet and exercise routine, so don’t think that taking these supplements alone will show improvement sin your health and fitness levels.

Supplements work the best when they are accompanied by a balanced diet and a moderate exercise routine.

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