The Best Diet Plan for Runners

Running helps in the overall toning and development of a body. Going to the gym helps in various ways and there are separate exercises for separate body parts but none ever compares to running which simultaneously works on all body parts.

  • Running is extremely good for a healthy heart.
  • Running helps you lose unwanted fat and get you in shape in no time.
  • It helps in reducing stress, offering a healthy mind and body

We could go on and on in letting you know the benefits of running. For you to achieve all of this from running, you should follow a healthy eating habit and diet regime which supports you well in running. Runners must especially be careful of what they eat otherwise neither will the running be useful, nor one would be able to run as efficiently as one could by having the right diet designed for endurance.

Best Food For Runners



It has many amazing benefits that could help you in running as well as also stay healthy. Bananas help in weight loss, constipation, blood pressure and even bone health. Bananas have always been the original health diet as it brings in the necessary strength to begin running as well as works well as a post run snack. It is something that is readily available and helps in refuelling your energy before and after a run.



Especially for marathon runners, chicken pasta is a staple diet as the protein intake helps in rebuilding the damage the human body endures during long sessions of training and marathon running. You would be surprised to know but the body faces a huge brunt with every step taken during running. Pasta helps in endurance running and repair of the damage cells of the runners.



Just as protein intake is important for runners so is carbohydrates. Eating rice has its own set of advantages as it helps in quick and rapid energy built-up. It also improves upon the bowel movement of a runner which is very important. Rice stabilises blood and sugar level and is a rich source of vitamin B1 for the human body. Not many would know but it is good for skin as well as fights against heart diseases.

Fish and lean meat


One of the most popular diets for runners across the globe is fish and lean meat. This trusted diet again helps in control of blood sugar level, keeps a strict control over weight, decreases constant hunger, and improves upon the immune system. It also reduces risk of deficiency of iron in the human body. Lean meat and fish in regular diet helps in the overall growth and development of the body which is much needed for the runners.

Fruits And Vegetable Enriched Diet


An intake of fruits and vegetables regularly helps in meeting the energy and nutritional requirement of runners. Choose more dark leafy vegetables that have more fibre and gorge on citrus fruits that are filled with Vitamin E and antioxidants that also have natural anti-inflammatory properties.


Kellogg’s and Quaker are the most famous makers of cereal bars. These cereal bars have become so popular that they are also known as breakfast bars. People with tight schedule and time crunch prefer to have these as a wholesome and enriched mini diet.

Cereal bars are high in protein levels, and offer instant energy both before and after a run. They also help in maintaining the right blood sugar level. The rich fibre content helps in control over heart diseases, weight as well as diabetes.

Glucose Drinks


Glucose drinks are the best options available to the runners after long and strenuous training sessions. It instantly energises and refuels the body of the necessary supplements it lost during the long runs.

Running has amazing benefits and to see those benefits and also have the long lasting impact, a runner must always be careful about the diet he/ she choose. Body is like machinery; and needs optimum refuelling and maintenance on regular basis and there are whole lot of food options to do that. Runners must keep a constant watch on what they eat and even though the food might be healthy, one must not overdo it.

The above listed best food options for runners are a simple check for an easy maintenance for your body which is undergoing tremendous stress and breakdown due to running.


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