Seriously, Is It Better To Be A Vegetarian?

Since vegetarian foods have a far lesser quantity of saturated fats, it has been noticed that vegetarians tend to also have a lower body mass index.

In truth, a balanced diet is better than a bad vegetarian diet. A bad vegetarian diet is one that is though depended on fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes, uses a lot of oils and fats for cooking. If you must become vegetarian, ensure that you choose a lot of high fiber food that is low in saturated fats, sugars and excess salt.

Plant based diets have the potential to offer a variety of vitamins and minerals that exist naturally and these can be very beneficial. However, it is also true that many vegetarian diets do not fulfill a person’s daily requirements of Iron, Protein and Vitamin B12. Some vegetarians also replace meats with simple carbohydrates, which can be a serious mistake if you turned in to a vegetarian because of health reasons and not religious reasons.

Why Are So Many People Turning Vegetarian?


One of the biggest reason people turn vegetarian is because plant based foods are easier to digest and better for health. They devoid of fats, since all meats and even eggs do have some fat content.

Also, vegetarian food is easier to digest and that makes it more palatable for those who are older and prone to digestive disorders. Also, a lot of vegetarian foods like fruits and some vegetables can be eaten raw, keeping their mineral and nutrient wealth intact.

However, if you are a vegetarian, ensure that your diet doesn’t lack in protein. Proteins break in to amino acids which are the building blocks. Hence, Soyabean, cottage cheese, other cheese and dairy and legumes are a must in any healthy vegetarian diet.

One must remember that even if you choose to be vegetarian, eating healthy is more a way of how you cook your food rather than what you cook.

Non Vegetarian Foods: Are They Really So Bad For You?


It has been noticed that incidences of Diabetes Type 2, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and obesity is more common amongst those who are vegetarians. Lean chicken breast, eggs, fish and even lean red meat are all good options if you do not cook them in fat laden gravies. Grill, broil, boil, poach and roast your meat to reduce the fat content in them.

In fact, eating a diet that is a good balanced between low fat meats and healthy fruits and vegetables is far healthier than eating a diet that is primarily vegetarian but used many recipes that are deep fried or made in gravies with clarified butter. A non vegetarian diet ensures your body gets enough proteins, vitamins and minerals, all of which are healthy for you.

A non-vegetarian diet has some benefits over a vegetarian diet, and these are:

  • Does not lack in any important nutrient and includes proteins with a high biological value, Vitamin B12 and Iron.
  • Fish and Eggs is two of the best sources of healthy fats, which are important for your body to absorb and process many vitamins and minerals that are not water soluble.
  • More versatility in menus means it is easier to make a healthy meal every day without it becoming too repetitive.



In the end, whether you choose to be vegetarian or non-vegetarian, the decision is a personal one. However, ensure that as a vegetarian your diet is not devoid of quality proteins and necessary calories.

If you want to try some healthy and some not so healthy but still delicious recipes, click here.


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