7 Superfoods That Will Help You Live Till 100

Most people believe that living till a ripe-old age these days either takes a miracle or the discipline of a hibernating monk. Both steps are unnecessary especially if you include these 10 super charged easy-to-eat foods daily in your diet.

Eating healthy is a tricky and time-consuming task these days. The super-markets are stocked with so called ‘healthy foods’ and every health magazine propagates a new diet or a so called recently discovered rare fruit from the depths of the Amazon that will help an 80-year-old live till 180.

Super foods are not imaginary creations that promise magical results but specific everyday items, packed with nutrients that invariably promote overall wellness.

Mumbai based Alternative Therapist Dr Asha Patyal believes that super foods provide multiple illness fighting nutrients and as they are low in calories, portion control is optional. “Specific super foods should be included in your meals everyday as they multi-task and ensure that you live a long and healthy life”, she added.

Now that one is aware of the fact that super foods have unbelievable health benefits, on your next trip to the supermarket, make sure you pick up the items mentioned below.



Even though it’s an unconventional produce, this creamy, succulent item is the superman of fruits when it comes to helping the body block bad fats (cholesterol). According to London based Nutritionist Dr Pamela Joy, avocado as a fruit is generally avoided because it is considered to be high in fat.

The fruit also contains high amount of Glutathione, an important antioxidant which prevents aging, heart ailments, breast cancer and also promotes excellent overall health.

The best way to eat them: If you don’t like eating the fruit as a whole, chop it finely and use it to garnish soups or mix it with salad.

Low Fat Yogurt


Unless one is lactose intolerant and advised to avoid it by doctors, fat free yogurt is high in calcium than most other dairy products. When asked about the health benefits of this product Dr Pamela Joy commented, “Low fat yogurt is enriched with probiotics which keeps the bowel movements smooth. The high vitamin D level keeps the bones strong and prevents arthritis”.

No other food has this combination and regular use of this economical food in everyday diet ensures glowing skin and hair and a healthy gut.

The best way to eat them:  Frozen flavoured yogurts make a great dessert and are much more nutrient packed than a cup of ice-cream.



Tomatoes are low-calorie food with great benefits. Though thought as a vegetable, tomatoes are also classified as a fruit and contain the antioxidant: lycopene. Tomatoes also strengthens the immune system, slows the process of degenerative diseases and “aids in dissolving gallstones.

The best way to eat them: Unlike any other fruit or vegetable, tomatoes are more effective when they are hot or cooked.

Dark Chocolate


Never thought of chocolates to have actual health benefits other than acting as a mood elevator? You can’t be further away from the truth as dark or bitter chocolates provide considerable amount of health benefit. Dr. Anjuna Johnson, California based health practitioner, says that dark chocolates contains a special antioxidant which lowers blood pressure, improves circulation, improves overall digestion and helps stimulate the kidneys.

The best way to eat them:  You can have a bite straight from the bar but avoid washing it down with milk as many nutritionists believe that milk kills the antioxidants in the chocolates.



Nuts have a bad reputation because of their high fat content. But they are also an extremely potent source of protein; contain heart-healthy fats and high fibre.  The trick to avoid consumption of excess calories is by applying portion control

So next time you are at the supermarket, don’t hesitate to pick up packets of pistachio, almonds, peanuts or pecans.

The best way to eat them:  Soak 10 nuts overnight and have them blanched the first thing in the morning for the much-needed energy boost.



Kids hate it, adults avoid it yet everyone loves it when it’s covered with cheese. One of the most underrated and misunderstood vegetable, this list cannot be complete without mentioning broccoli. This cruciferous vegetable (member of the cabbage family) is loaded with vitamin C, folic acid, carotenoids and vitamin A. Dr Anjuna Johnson says that the capacity to multitask makes broccoli a superstar vegetable.

Also, if science and research is to be believed, half a cup of broccoli per day is said to help prevent a number of cancers, particularly cancers of the lung, colon, rectum and stomach.

The best way to eat them:  You will get the most benefit from broccoli by having it steamed or raw. Avoid getting it micro waved as it reduces its antioxidant levels.



Strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, cherries…there are umpteen number of berries to choose from! Low in calories yet high in taste, berries pack an incredible amount of nutritional goodness in a small package.

Next time you have a sweet craving; she recommends that you opt for a handful of berries instead of the candy bar for in comparison, they have a fraction of the calories.  Blueberries lead the pack because they are among the best source to slow the aging process and reduce the cells that cause cancer.

The best way to eat them:  Berries are best when eaten fresh and without any additions.


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