I Tried These Products And Now I Am In Love

Fitness is fun. Well, almost. It’s not fun when you are training for a marathon or trying Tabata. Or trying to perfect the backbend without snapping your back like a twig. You get the hint. But to be honest, it sucks only in the beginning and then fitness actually becomes fun. You start seeing results such as better sleep, less stress and of course, clothes just fit better. But along the journey, some fun products make the process so much easier. I have discovered some products which I love and they make me laugh.

This Running Shirt Can Read My Mind

A slice of pizza? Maybe a scoop of gelato? No, wait, cheese grilled toast! Even before I begin my run, I start planning my post-run meal. And that’s why I love this running shirt. It’s honest, just like my intention behind running.

Running shirt

Buy here

I Will Never Have To Hold My Cookies Again!

Why should I carry my cookies when I have this cup? Like really! Isn’t this coffee/tea mug absolutely adorable? Also, it has the expression like I have after a CrossFit class. Just kidding. No, not really.

coffee mug

Buy here

The Most Beautiful Yoga Mat, Ever

This yoga mat is absolutely stunning. Just look at it. Right called the Dream Weaver Yoga Mat, this inspires me to practice every day and just admire the beauty around me. I feel zen by just looking at it, sigh.


Buy here

That’s it for now. Which one if your favorite? I would love to know and in case you want your product to be featured here, email me.

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