5 Healthy Meal Options for Working Women

However, for the working woman, the challenge is to choose tasty yet healthy food throughout the day. After all, most of them aren’t in a position to cook nutritious meals before leaving their house in the morning.

Here are some simple lunch ideas for working women:

Spicy Rice 


While is hurry, you can prepare this delicious dish. Don’t throw away the leftover rice after dinner as it gets more balanced when you put some veggies in it like peas and other greens. Get the tangy element squeezing a piece of lemon or by adding a portion of yoghurt. Here’s a delicious recipe of high-protein fried rice for your next meal.

Pasta With Veggies


You can enjoy a healthy and tasty meal by combining olive oil pasta and fresh vegetables. Complete the meal by adding a portion of chicken to enhance your protein intake. Ever tried Pasta with Creamy Spinach Sauce? Its fantastic!



A simple sandwich is certainly is a great meal option when you get the filling right. You can add boiled eggs, chicken, and other forms of low-fat and protein options alongside vegetables and bread made from whole grain.

Dosa and idli With Chutney


You won’t need to spend much time for cooking these as long as you have the batter ready. You can make these healthier by adding ragi and besan flour along with a few a few greens like spinach.

Stuffed Parantha pexels-photo-461198.jpeg

Methi, paneer, and a few of your favourite veggies can be added for stuffing to make a mouthwatering stuffed parantha. Have it with yogurt or chutney and you will be satiated for hours. To save time, prep the veggies and keep the dough ready 24 hours in advance. With some extra veggies, you can also turn these into delicious frankies.

There are a few other options that you might try to remain active and satiated while at work. Don’t resort to mindless eating like taking a few bites of chocolates while you’re completing a serious task. Always bring food from home so that you have control over what you are eating and the nutrient factor. You must learn how to say “no” to fast food while at work to avoid feeling guilty and lethargic later.

Not to forget, there will be times when you just don’t feel like cooking. So instead of opting for junk food, order from a food delivery service online and pick a healthy option. You can enjoy huge savings with online food coupons that fetch quality discounts while placing your orders. Eating healthy means choosing consciously to ensure that you are aware of what you are feeding your body.

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