Meditation Is The Only Way To Deal With Stress

How can meditation help in beating stress?


Meditation involves training of the mind. And when your mind is trained to follow your instructions, you can alter your response to external situations and can transform an experience, especially the difficult ones. This becomes crucial when you talk about dealing with stress; you can control both the experience and the outcome if you are more in control of your emotions and actions, and meditation greatly helps you achieve that sense of control by helping you reconnect with your inner strength. Meditation builds in an individual awareness as well as mindfulness, both of which are the key to stay calm in high stress situations.

The advantages of meditation in stress relief


Unlike other techniques for stress relief, meditation is the only one that will actually reverse your body’s natural response to stress, rather than only help you deal with it temporarily. Therefore, in all earnestness, meditation is the only permanent solution to chronic stress, unlike herbal therapies or medications that work only for a limited period of time.

By practicing meditation for a few minutes every day, you will learn to master the art of breathing, which in turn ensures that more blood and oxygen reaches your brain and lower levels of the stress hormone ‘Cortisol’ are produced by your body.

How to practice meditation for stress relief?


If you want to beat stress and learn how to meditate, all you need to do is learn to clear your mind. Find a quiet spot, sit in a relaxed position and try to remove all negative thoughts from your mind. If that doesn’t sound easy, try to chant ‘Om’ or concentrate on something like your breathing while maintaining a count. To meditate is nothing but to sit free from distractions for anything between 5 to 30 minutes, so that you shut the world out and let your mind, body and spirit unwind. It will promote calmness and also bring about a sense of contentment in the long run, altering your state of mind for good.

As your mind and body learn to interact with one another better, you will be more in control of your thoughts and emotions, and better equipped to beat stress.


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