How To Boost Your Libido

Every day stress, emotional unbalance in relationships and lack of sleep can all be reducing your libido.  Irrespective of the causes that are bringing your sex drive down, some methods always work. If you don’t find these tricks effective, you might have an underlying medical condition that might be interfering with your libido. We suggest that if these tips don’t work their magic on you, you set a date with your doctor.

A Drink Or Two Can Help You Set The Mood


While drinking excessively will only make you feel sleepy, a drink of two can set the right mood. It takes off the nervousness and loosens you up enough to stop inhibiting your natural actions. Since alcohol reduced anxiety, it is the perfect way to start a date that you’d not like to end tonight.

Try Aphrodisiacs


Now, you may be wondering if love potions really do work. But thing is, if you believe they do, then they definitely will. They say “It’s all in the mind”. So why don’t you get a dinner that comprises of natural aphrodisiacs like oysters, asparagus, avocado, chili, honey and chocolates. Most of these contain antioxidants, which will improve sexual functioning. So go ahead, give these magic potions a try.

Stay Fit


Not only does an unhealthy, fat body play a negative role on self image, no exercise can reduce blood flow to the sexual organs and reduce libido. Go ahead and join a gym, or start running or cycling. Anything that increases your heart rate and helps you break in to a sweat by working as an aerobic activity is good for you. Not only will you feel more confident about your body after losing weight, you will also notice that the increased blood flow will make you feel more ‘sexy’.

Kick the Butt


There are many reasons you should stop smoking, but one of them is the fact that it decreases libido. Smoking causes drying, and while it may be the reason you feel vaginal discomfort if you are a woman; it causes blood vessels to narrow down and reduces stamina too. Add to that the fact that no one likes to kiss a person with a stinking breath! So please do yourself and your sex life a favor and stop smoking.

Pay Special Attention To Your Diet


If you are suffering from bad health, it is a given that sex will suffer too. So how can you ensure you don’t feel too weak, or too bloated, or too exhausted all the time? Simple – a well balanced diet is the answer here. Make sure you have 5 to 8 helpings of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. If your body gets the necessary vitamins, fats, minerals and antioxidants, your sex life will automatically improve.

Improve Your Self Esteem


There is nothing worse for your sex life than a poor self esteem. Why should you not enjoy sex? Is it because you think you are too fat, your skin looks too old, you aren’t attractive enough or you simply just don’t catch the eye of eligible singles anymore? All these issues are more in your head, than really being the cause for your inactive libido. So, get a makeover. Try some anti-aging creams to get supple, soft skin and lose weight. Remember, if you feel good about yourself, you automatically start to look good!

Get A Nice pexels-photo-356053.jpeg

Nothing gets the ball going in between sheets like a good hot oil massage. So if you and your partner want a night of unbridled passion, we suggest that you massage each other till all muscles relax and your head unwinds enough to feel good. Must we say where this will lead to next?!

Pamper Yourself


If you have been experiencing low libido, the problem can sometimes be an emotional stress. So go ahead and pamper yourself. Buy a new lingerie set, a new pair of shoes or a new tie. Whatever makes you happy! A happy mind is a free mind. Once you are relaxed and feeling cheerful, your libido will be back to normal. All you need to do is find your Feel-Good-Factor.

We are sure that these 8 tricks will get your sex drive back to track. Remember, good sex forms an integral part of a happy relationship, so don’t just sit and wait for your libido to improve.


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