Vegan Post Workout Recovery Salad

My workout sessions are pretty intensive. Well, they last about 45 minutes and I feel like puking and collapsing at the same time once I am done ( yes, I love it!). But once my breathing is back to normal and I can see clearly, I get hungry. Like ravenous and to such extreme, that I will eat anything. Yes, I know post workout meal is very important and its important to make a wise decision but all the options,  I find them kinda boring as well. At least, the traditional snacks such as boiled eggs, protein shake, fruits ( like, come on, really?), sweet potato and stuff. You see, after a grueling workout, my taste buds are on fire and I crave and need something delicious and tangy AND healthy.

So I present to you, the best vegan post-workout recovery salad. A salad is an unusual dish for a situation like this but it works! Also, because this recipe is so easy and is tasty as hell! But to be honest, you will only enjoy it if you love tangy as a flavour, which I absolutely do.

The three key ingredients of this recipe are white chickpeas, mung bean sprouts and tomatoes. Chickpeas are a vegan power food as it promotes weight loss, helps lower cholesterol, boosts the immune system, builds muscle, regulates blood sugar levels and more.

As for mung bean sprouts, besides the fact that they low in calories yet loaded with fibre, it also helps reduce anxiety. One of the key ingredients which help soothe anxiety and depression is Vitamin C, especially in women as per the research conducted by Joanna Briggs Institute at the University of Adelaide in Australia. And guess what? Mung bean sprouts are an excellent source of vitamin C.

And now, the humble fruit and vegetable, tomato. Rich source of all kinds of vitamins and minerals, tomatoes protects the heart, aids in digestion, resolves skin issues, the list is long.


Take 1 cup of boiled mung bean sprouts, and boiled chickpeas and mix it with 2 chopped tomatoes, finely chopped coriander leaves, salt, pepper and one whole lemon juice. You can choose to skip the lemon juice but I personally recommend it cause it adds the extra zest.


Besides the fact that it super delicious, this salad is also light on the digestive system and you can have it for dinner as well. To make it a bit denser, add two chopped boiled eggs and you will have a pretty awesome meal.


This is what I do: make some extra and have for lunch the next day. The flavors stay intact and it makes an excellent cold salad as well. This actually is also a go-to snack so making some extra and keeping it in the fridge will ensure that every-time you feel slightly peckish, you have also a dish ready. Best way to eat healthily, don’t you agree?


A snack or an entire meal, eat it as you prefer but remember, that post workout recovery is very important specially if you are planning to lose weight or to get fitter. So tame your cravings with this salad and you will see the results.

Do you have a special post workout snack suggestion? Tell me and I will you for the recipe!

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