Even if you run early in the morning or seek out shady routes, it’s hard to outrun the summer heat when it reaches its stifling peak. But with these 3 awesome products from TEGO, running and training will seem a little less scary, even when the sun is blazing down.

Fit Towel

Fit Towel 

Fit Towel, INR 499/

Light, breathable and with a built-in antimicrobial finish for odour control, I carry these with me to the gym, park and for long runs. I also use these as a small yoga mat because of I just its versatility as a towel. Also, they are available in a multitude of colour even though my favourite is the blue one.

Sweat-Charged T-Shirt 


TEGO Sweat-charged T-Shirt, INR 999

Since I am a runner and a yoga trainer, I am very picky about my workout shirt. That’s why I love the TEGO Sweat-charged T-Shirt because its perfect for an intensive workout. Made from 100% polyester with a performance knit construction to provides elevated superior moisture management. Also, crafted from an anti-wicking performance material that is breathable and light, the t-shirts have a built-in antimicrobial finish which effectively controls body odour. I only wish, they had a sleeveless version of the same.

All Day Performance Socks

All Day Performance Socks 

All Day Performance, INR 399/-

Out of all the products by TEGO, these socks are my absolute favorite. Yes, they are ideal for training but I realized since it’s not too thick and the extended cushioning on the toe and heel protects the two points that take the maximum poundage. I now wear these to yoga class, while training my clients or just when lounging on my bed. Super comfortable, is the right way to describe these.

There you go! These 3 products will ensure that your summer workout plans stay on track and you get the best results, no matter what.

Do you have a favorite running tool? I would love to know about it!


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