How To Buy Sex Toys Safely

You’ll find a plethora of sex toys at both online and offline stores, though online retailers provide complete anonymity, discretion and ease of selection, all of which are highly desirable when looking for adult toys.

However, if you are a beginner, choosing the right toys to add a bit of sugar and spice to your bedroom, or knowing whether a sex toy is ‘safe’ for use or not, can be overwhelming. In fact, few people realize that safety should be a primary consideration for adult toy selection, much to their chagrin.

As you can well imagine, sex toys must be 100% safe. After all, you’re going to put them inside your body! With that in mind, here is your complete guidebook for buying sex toys safely.

Check The Toy Material Carefully

Sex toys can be made from a variety of materials. Sadly, sex toys are a novelty item, which means that they don’t have to conform to any set standard of safety regulations.

Here are 3 tips for making sure that you chose sex toy material wisely.

  • Always check for materials used to make the toy. This chemical composition may be very important, especially if you are allergic to any chemicals. Phthalates, often used in bendy and squishy sex toys, can cause burning, itching, rash and other undesirable side effects.
  • If possible, find out the porosity of the sex toys. Products with a high porosity or absorbency are likely to have more crevices, nooks and crannies where bacteria and germs can hide.
  • Even elaborate sterilization procedure after use will not make these products 100% safe, which is why these products are best used with condoms.
  • Look for non-porous materials that are smooth and easy to sterilize, especially if you intend to share toys between partners.
  • PVC is quite often used in adult toys to increase their flexibility. Toys with jelly rubber, vinyl and PVC will most likely contain Phthalates.
  • Check the label or product information carefully, especially if you are concerned about phthalates being possible carcinogens.

Do Your Homework

Just like you would read consumer reviews before buying a new gadget or planning a holiday, it only makes sense to read up about a product before buying it. Many times, online stores will not carry detailed, elaborate true material composition of a toy, which is why your own research is very important. You will find a multitude of informative resources on the internet along with detailed feature product reviews, so make use of these.

Be Informed

For your own safety, it is best to be informed about the myriad of materials used for adult toy manufacturing. If you are very particular about using a 100% safe sex toy, choose medical grade silicone, borosilicate, Pyrex or stainless steel sex toys from trusted sellers. Again, being informed about the variety of materials available out there will help you to shop more competitively to cater to the needs of your pocket as well as your body.

For example, cheaper materials make for an attractive purchase because of their low price tag and are perfectly suited to first-time sex toy buyers who are still trying to figure out their likes and preferences. If you want to purchase such toys for experimenting, make sure you always also pick a pack of condoms and a bottle of sanitizing toy cleanser to ensure your safety.

Stick To Reliable Brands

The easiest way to assure your safety is to pick superior grade, high quality, hygienic materials that come only from trusted manufacturers. A lot of responsible online stores will also provide manufacturing brand background so that you can make an informed decision, especially since you might not be familiar with adult toy brands as a beginner.

Find Safe Online Stores

As you can imagine, not all online stores selling adult toys are created equal. Once you do narrow down your search and have a product and brand in mind, it’s also important to find a reputable seller. Online sites that sell only adult toys will offer you good brand names as well as discreet shipping policies.

There is no dearth of innovative sex toys in the market. Just remember, choose something that both you and your partner will enjoy equally because it feels good and is safe to use as well.



  1. Hemendra patar

    Is sex toys are available in India for men? Want to know about some good options.
    Masturbation or self pleasure is the safest way to orgasm. Masturbation is natural and doesn’t have any side effects.

    Thanks for sharing this important article.


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