How To Get Fit With A Busy Work Schedule

Every working man and woman will unanimously agree upon one universal fact, eating healthy all the time is a tough act to follow. Yes it is, especially in these frantic times where one has to take care of a family, be a breadwinner, tackle hours of traffic, handle a scheming colleague, deal with an annoying boss, fight for a promotion, pay monthly EMI’s…phew.

The list can go on and on and still there will be something new everyday which will frustrate us. Added to that, the pressure of eating healthy all the time can really make things tricky. We agree that it’s a lot easier and less complicated to reach out for a simple burger rather look for a whole wheat sandwich.

Also a can of coke is much easily available than fresh fruit juice! You must be thinking then, “What’s the problem”? The problem is that although these do remain the simplest and most available options around us, making them a part of your meal everyday is not such a good idea.

What’s the Big Deal?

How To Get Fit With A Busy Work Schedule

We agree with you that sticking to a refined diet is not only tiresome but expensive too. But don’t worry as there is an alternative which is easy and also wallet friendly. All you need to do is balance your meals on workdays, thereby deciding in advance what you should eat the following day.

Think of it this way. Most office goers work at least 8-12 hours every day. During these hours, besides going for a fancy new haircut, eating regularly is the last thing on a person’s mind. Yes, there is the so-called “lunch hour” but after that, it’s mostly ‘no food’ or junk food such as sandwiches, pizza, samosas, bhel, chat that one survives on. They are surely great for the taste bud but not so good for the body.

So if you are not planning to make obesity, heart diseases and gastronomical illness your friends, then its time you start balancing your workday meal. Just read on for some handy tips which will help and allow you to do so. To begin with, you can checkout some tasty and healthy recipes here.

Pack Lunch From Home

How To Get Fit With A Busy Work Schedule

Even though many people don’t have time in the morning to do so, this is the simplest and most effective method of ensuring that you don’t miss lunch or end up ordering something unhealthy from a restaurant. If you love chicken then you can make this Low Fat Virgin Chicken Marsala the night before and carry it for lunch.

Carry Breakfast On the Go

How To Get Fit With A Busy Work Schedule

Honestly, no one has the time or the inclination to eat a luxurious meal first thing in the morning. The alternative? Carry a granola bar or a small packet of flavored dahi, a parantha, bread and butter or anything light and healthy and eat it on the way to office. This way you won’t be ravenous by noon and gorge on chips.

Carry Snacks

How To Get Fit With A Busy Work Schedule

The simplest and the most healthy snacks you can carry with you are apples, oranges, or any other fruits, almonds, high fiber biscuits or anything home cooked. This will keep the craving away and not to forget they are really healthy!No matter what, do not miss a meal.  However small it might be, keep eating something every 2-3 hours. E.g:  A handful of peanuts. They are extremely high in protein and also satiating. Just remember, the longer the hours pass without you eating, the higher the chances of overeating or eating unhealthy stuff.

Eat A Healthy And Nutritious Dinner

How To Get Fit With A Busy Work Schedule

Stay away from greasy deep-fried or high calorie food because it takes longer to burn them off at night. Also, overeating at night might cause lethargy in the morning.

Now that you are armed with information, make sure that you follow them religiously. Be persistent and soon you will notice that balancing your meals on workdays will give you the same results as being on a so-called healthy diet. You will feel fit, healthy and full of energy and that’s just the beginning.



  1. mubami

    I think we mostly don’t take of our intake during workdays and eat whatever is easily available. The points you mentioned in this post are really awesome.


  2. Vinitha

    I agree with your ‘Pack lunch from your home’. Most of us dont have time to do so, but its the best tip for our health. Like you said atleast we can take fruits or sprouts for lunch.


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