What Is Making Your Migraine Worse?

But sometimes even the most unusual things can give you migraines. We tell you about three such reasons and explain how to avoid them.


What Is Making Your Migraine Worse?

Yes, gadgets such as computers, televisions, mobile phones or tablets can be the cause of severe headaches. Any gizmos with screens emit a glare that stimulates your cranial nerves to release inflammatory neurotransmitters, thus resulting in headaches. And that’s not all – if you have a habit of slouching in front of the screen, your muscles will get even more tensed giving you a far more severe headache.

Get it right: We know it’s practically impossible to get out of working with gadgets; so here’s the next best thing. Get a screen protector. They curtail the heavy glares that gadgets transmit thus preventing strain on your brain. Besides, they are cheap and easily available. For tense muscles, avoid slouching and correct your posture; not only will you feel better but you’ll look better too.

Protein-Rich Foods

What Is Making Your Migraine Worse?

Now this may come as a shock to you, but it is a fact that protein-rich foods can trigger headaches, especially if they’ve been lying around for very long. Such foods contain tyramine, a natural chemical that if taken in large quantities, builds up over time and puts pressure on the blood vessels of your brains. Aged cheeses are rich sources of tyramine.

Get it right: The easiest thing to do in this case is to avoid leaving protein-rich foods for long periods before you eat them. Since women are more prone to this kind of headache than men and the warm, tropical climate only adds to the growth of tyramine, avoid eating aged cheeses like Brie and blue and go for fresh ones instead.

Tying Your Hair

What Is Making Your Migraine Worse?

This is another cause that would mostly affect women. Wearing your hair too tight – in a ponytail, tight bun or braids – can put pressure on the scalp’s tissues, thus triggering a headache. If you’re into the habit of tying your hair and suffer from a migraine problem, this could be one of the causes.

Get it right: The simplest solution is to wear your hair down more often. If you’re at work, need to keep up appearances or are simply more comfortable with your hair tied, wear a loose bun or braid instead. Low ponytails also put less pressure on your head.


What Is Making Your Migraine Worse?

It’s not always a headache pill that will treat your pain. Sometimes, simple methods work just as well. Try putting a cold compress on your temples to numb the pain and relax the muscles. Bright lights and loud noises can make migraines worse, so it might work well to shut the doors and dim the lights when you want to relax.

Sometimes listening to calming music also helps release the tension in the head. The video I am mentioning below is a great option and will help you to feel better.


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