Yoga Postures for Weight Loss

5 Diet Tweaks You Must Make to Lose That Stubborn Fat

If so, fret not. We have for you some nutritional secrets that are precisely what you need to say goodbye to those last few extra kilos, and say Hello to a svelte, toned body you are craving for.

Spice It Up

5 Nutritional Secrets to Lose That Stubborn Fat

Adding spices to your food can be just what you need to trim off that excess fat. Spices increase your body’s metabolism by triggering a thermogenic reaction in the body. These increase your body’s temperature, hence burning up more calories. Noticed how you suddenly feel hot and flushed after a spicy taco?

Try adding cayenne pepper, jalapenos, cinnamon, green chillies and hot pepper to your food for an extra punch of flavour and melt away that stubborn fat effortlessly. That’s why you must know about the 5 Indian Spices That You Must Stock In Your Kitchen.

Break Up Meals

5 Nutritional Secrets to Lose That Stubborn Fat

While you might be tempted to try a new low calorie diet as a desperate attempt to lose that stubborn fat, it’s really the last thing you want to do. Such a diet will do nothing but reduce your metabolism, which will make shedding that excess weight all the more harder.

Instead, opt for low calorie mini-meals every 2 to 3 hours to keep your metabolism skyrocketed. Make sure you strike a good balance between your carbohydrates and proteins intake, as both are crucial in imparting you with the energy you need for that workout session in the evening, Additionally, it also helps to reduce salt intake and eat lots of fibre to make your body work extra hard to digest your mini-meals.

Stay Hydrated

5 Nutritional Secrets to Lose That Stubborn Fat

Sometimes what may look like stubborn fat is nothing but water retention. As you work out hard to lose weight and also increase your protein intake to build muscle mass, your body could be releasing more toxins. To flush them out of your system, make sure you drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day.

While this will effectively remove all toxic waste build-up, it will also accelerate your metabolism to build more muscle and burn off that stubborn fat. Use a timer and drink a glass or two of water every couple of hours.

Drink Green Tea

5 Nutritional Secrets to Lose That Stubborn Fat

Green tea has achieved world-wide fame for its metabolism boosting properties. So why not add it to your diet? The catechins in green tea also have high antioxidant properties, so you will feel more energetic despite all the calorie cuts and hard workouts. If you already love green tea then you should checkout 5 Things About Green Tea I Wish I Knew Earlier.

Avoid Alcohol

5 Nutritional Secrets to Lose That Stubborn Fat

While it is impossible to not drink and still have an active social life, we suggest that you limit your alcohol intake if you really want to shed that stubborn fat. Your body first breaks down the calories it gets through alcohol and only then, if needed, will break down the calories you ingest as food. So if you are going to guzzle down some beers, know that all you are doing is consuming more empty calories that offer you absolutely zero nutritional value. And do you really want to do that?

It really is not rocket science to learn how to shed that stubborn fat; all it takes is a little more effort, some smart eating and lots of patience. So adopt these simple tips and watch that excess fat melt away.

Of-course, to boost the process of fat loss, you must workout daily for at least 20 min. Here’s a great HIIT video to get you started.


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