Avoid getting sick during monsoon

These 6 Tips Will Keep You Disease Free This Monsoon

But it’s also true that monsoons are in some ways the worst time of the year, as many infections run rampant. So if you do not have a strong immune system, chances are that your risk of contracting illness increases in the monsoons, which is why it becomes very important to know how to avoid falling sick during this rainy season.

More Vitamin C, Please

A well reputed cure for common cold, Vitamin C increases your body’s immunity and ensures that you don’t get the flu that seems to be going around. So remember to take your vitamins and drink lots of fresh fruit juice so that your body has more antibodies to fight off common cold viruses.

Reduce Smoking

As a smoker, you will notice that monsoon brings with it the desire to smoke an extra cigarette. After all, it brings temporary comfort by offering your body a little extra heat and goes so perfectly with a cup of hot masalas chai. But be warned; smoke from the cigarette is actually weakening your immunity system and making you more prone to respiratory infections and cold. Minimize your smoking if you want to truly enjoy the rains!

Shower After a Soak

If you do happen to get caught in the rain and enjoyed the downpour, make sure you take a bath immediately afterwards. It will ensure you get out of wet clothes immediately, and once you dry yourself after a shower, it enforces a more gradual shift back to normal temperature so that you don’t catch a chill.

Exercise More

If you do feel the first symptoms of the flu, it can be very tempting to just lie in. Rather, get out and go for a run! Yes, you heard us right! Exercise helps your body sweat out more and alleviates the symptoms before a cold and fever can take complete reign over your body.

Drink Up Your Soup

While soup is great if you have a cold and sore throat, it is even better to keep these at bay during monsoons. Drink soup before your dinner because it offers your body warmth and also brings instant relief to cold and cough symptoms by clearing away phlegm in the throat and nasal cavities. What makes soup better is the fact that it hydrates you and helps flush out toxins and sickness causing bacteria and viruses from your body. Read Your 10 Step Diet Plan for A Disease Free Monsoon.

Keep a Sanitizer handy

The easiest way to not contract the cold – keep your hands clean always. Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer handy always, and wash hands with lukewarm water and soap before every meal.

Also, it will be a good idea to boost your immunity so here’s a great video for you.

The above tips will ensure that you remain healthy and active this monsoon. Do you have any special recommendations as well? Do share via the comment box below.

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