The Simplest ( And Effective) Way To Meditate At Work

This is where simple meditation will come to your aid and while you might think that most work environments aren’t really cut out to sit down and focus on your inner self, meditating in the middle of workday is simpler than you might think.

Why Meditate At Work?

Not only will meditation help you relax and beat stress, it will also help you focus better. With increased concentration will come increased work productivity, and even a short meditating session will help your body wind down so that your mind can be more alert. The final result – renewed vigor as your brain is ready to focus on the tasks that pile high on your desk.

How To Meditate At Your Desk?

Taking a few moments to relax as you gather and focus your thoughts can make an insurmountable situation seem simpler. When you meditate at work, all you need is a few brief minutes where you focus on your breathing and brush aside business ideas floating through your head.

  • Sit down at your desk and make sure your posture is comfortable. Turn off your phone and close your eyes. Now breathe in deeply and exhale, then repeat. Let all thoughts vanish away and simply concentrate on counting your breaths.
  • If you are worried that you will lose track of time, you can set a timer of 10 or 15 minutes so that you know when to end the session.
  • An important meeting getting you nervous? Try to find a quiet place – even the privacy of the office washroom will help. Simply close your eyes, and concentrate on your breathing for a few minutes. If you are too nervous for that, you can try a chant like Om or anything else you like. Something like ‘I am ready for this presentation’ is just as good if that is all you think about while brushing away all negative feelings.

Make Full Use of Breaks

Make use of your breaks everyday to practice meditation regularly at work. Not only will it keep stress in check, it will also help you stay calm and composed even in the toughest of situation through the rest of the day and will bring about a sense of emotional balance. If you want, you can also try walking meditation. Take a short walk around the office complex before or after a quick lunch and concentrate on nothing but the movement of your body. If you do have a cubicle, zero in on a focal point and practice breathing exercises for about 15 minutes.

If you need some help get started, then  this video will help you. Just listen to this with your headphones on and take a deep breath.

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