This Is How Sugar Affects Your Sleep

Scientists have been studying the connection between sugar and sleeping problems for years. While high blood sugar levels will interfere with a good night’s sleep, sugar overload can actually put you to sleep. It’s tricky….so let’s take a closer look at what exactly happens inside the body when your diet is rich in sugar.

Sugar and Sleeping Problems

Sugar is added to A LOT of food stuff. Consuming sugar may give you an instant sugar rush — a burst of energy, but the crash that soon follows is equally drastic. When you eat sugar (or sugar-added food) regularly, it increases the metabolism of the body, and hence you feel sleepy and tired immediately afterwards. This is because large amounts of glucose in the bloodstream are enough to suppress the activity of orexin neurons in the brain. With the orexin activity slowed or stopped, thanks to sugar, you’re bound to start believing you have sleeping sickness!

But, Do You Sleep Well?

The answer is No. When you eat a lot of sugar right before bed, your blood sugar climbs high and then falls rapidly as your body releases hormones to bring the levels under control. This swing in hormones and blood sugar levels may impair sleep. And what’s worse, you will have more sugar cravings, because your blood sugar goes too low and you start to feel irritable, tired and restless. Your body tells you that you need something loaded with sugar, like a cup of sugar laced coffee, to feel awake. And the vicious cycle begins again.

This Pattern Is Harmful

As you can read above, this pattern of craving sugar throws off your energy, mood and focus all through a regular day. What’s even worse, it will lead to eventual weight gain and sleep problems. Any time your body’s insulin function is unable to keep up with the amount of sugar in your blood, the sugar is instead converted into body fat so you gain weight.

Finally, weight gain is associated with both sleep apnea and diabetes, which both disrupt sleep, thus creating a vicious cycle of disrupted sleep and weight gain.

Here is an interesting video which will reveal if you are having too much sugar;

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