Should Periods Affect Your Fitness Plan?

Should Periods Affect Your Fitness Plan?

But here is the important question – can working out when you’re bleeding pose some serious risks or is it nothing more than a mere inconvenience?

So before you decide to take a 5 day break that can put a serious dent in your workout schedule, take a look at how your period can or cannot affect your workout. It’s time to get your facts right!

Periods And Performance

Talk to any athlete and she will tell you that periods never slowed her down. In fact, a Turkish research that studied the effects of menstrual cycle on 241 elite athletes found out that most felt better after training when they were bleeding! In reality, most women feel worse just before their period, when PMS symptoms are wrecking havoc on their bodies. And training and exercise in fact alleviates their pains and aches, rather than add to them. Read 8 Period Problems You Should Not Ignore.

A study done at West Virginia University on female runners found that most performed equally well whether tested during the first half or second half of their menstrual cycles.So stop making excuses – having your period is no reason to skip gym.

Periods and Injury

What your periods will impact, however, is your susceptibility to injury. Surprisingly, an Australian study found that there is a remarkable difference in the muscle mechanics of the knees in female runners during ovulation and menstruation. The reason is that while you have your period, you suffer from poorer motor control, which can increase risk of injury.

However, there is no reason to worry because if you do basic balancing exercises along with neuromuscular training, you can decrease this risk significantly. As always, maintaining proper form while doing any exercise is important; and it becomes all the more crucial when you are menstruating.

Periods and Motivation

One of the biggest reasons why women consider skipping working out when having their period is discomfort. It can be quite uncomfortable to run on the treadmill or lift weight or perform stretching exercises when you have on a bulky sanitary napkin. However, most women SHOULD ideally not skip gym during that time of the month, not only because it disrupts their fitness routines as a whole, but also because exercising can actually make your period more comfortable. It is easy to find motivation when you know that working out will help you deal better with pain and bloat!

Some Good News

And if you aren’t convinced yet that there is no reason to pass up on your workout only because you are bleeding – here is something that will make you feel better. Regular aerobic exercise to help relieve all the symptoms of PMS. Read Every Busy Woman Needs This Period Panty. Period.

So if you want to uplift your mood, get a good nights’s sleep, and also keep fatigue at bay, go ahead and exercise. Even if you don’t feel very comfortable while doing it, you are going to feel great afterwards. Also, Is It Necessary To Have A Period Every Month?

Here is a great workout for when you are having your period.



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