What Can Tea Do For Your Health?

Learning To Be Mindful And Meditate With A Cup Of Tea

But here’s the question – sublime experience of drinking tea help in meditating as well? The answer is Yes – tea drinking can become your daily form of meditating, if practiced right, and be the perfect start to your day.

Meditating With Your Morning Tea

To enhance your tea drinking experience, use it as a way to shut off all inner thoughts and meditate at the same time. Meditation is nothing but gaining more self awareness and focusing on self reflection; something that can be done to perfection with a good cup of tea. Why? Because drinking tea in itself is calming, and will give you the perfect opportunity to concentrate on something more than your volatile active thoughts. However, the key is to select a good quality tea, one that lets you experience its refined taste in versatile ways to bring all senses to life.

  • Wake up early and brew yourself a strong cup of tea, the way you like it. Sit in a quiet place and take a deep breath, try to brush aside all worrisome thoughts and take in the aroma of your freshly brewed cup of tea. That really will help distract you from anything else but the tantalizing smells, and will keep your mind focused on the present – here and now.
  • Once you have managed to gain focus, hold the cup in your hand and feel its weight and temperature. Let the warmth from the cup radiate in to your palm and through it your whole body. Open up your mind to feel and experience the tea you are about to sip.
  • Take a sip and concentrate on nothing but the flavours – the texture, the fore-taste, the freshness of the taste and the lingering aftertaste. Be aware of all the thoughts and sensations it evokes in you, while you shut away all other thoughts. Keep your eyes closed through the process if it helps you concentrate better.
  • Swallow your warm tea and feel the smooth silkiness of it trickle down your throat, tracing a warm path to your stomach.
  • With the next sip, open up your mind further and mindfully tilt the cup, smell in the aroma again and take another sip. Try and pin-point the exact moment each flavour – the hint of sweetness, brisk flavours and aftertaste hits so that you are more in tune with the experience of drinking your tea.
  • Repeat till you finish the cup.

And that is how you meditate with tea, and start your day on a peaceful, relaxing note. Personally, I recommend that you meditate at-least twice a day, for the sake of your wellness, if nothing else. To upgrade intensity, read about These Beautiful Meditation Cushions Which Will Make Your Practice Stronger. And if you have a hectic life with endless chores, then Meditation Is The Only Way To Deal With Stress.

If you wish to take a journey inward, then here’s a video to nudge you along.

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