These 5 Foods Do More Harm Than Good

These 5 Foods Do More Harm Than Good

Some foods are better left off the plate, irrespective of whether you are at a gourmet buffet, or have been invited over to dinner. These will do your body no good at all, and surprisingly, it is actually quite easy to replace them with healthier alternatives so that you don’t feel deprived of good taste!

Eating healthy can be challenging if you want an active social life that involves eating out a few times a week, but it is possible to make a few adjustments here and there and still not sabotage your efforts at the gym.

However, there are 5 foods that you are most certainly better off without, so let us take a look at them.

Fried Snacks

These 5 Foods Do More Harm Than Good

Whether you are watching a movie at home on a lazy Sunday or have a few friends over for dinner, at some point or the other, all of us are guilty of frying up a few snacks to find a quick way to satiate our hunger. However, fried snacks are extremely bad for not just your diet, but also for your heart. The grease clogs up arteries and despite the fact that these are often delicious, the extra calories you add to the snack by frying it is certainly not worth it.

Healthier Alternative: You don’t have to give up chicken wings and potato wedges only because you cannot eat fried. Instead, choose to grill or roast. You’d be surprised to see that there is almost no difference in taste, and because you cut out the fat content from the snack, your otherwise ‘unhealthy snack platter’ becomes a healthier option!

Aerated Drinks

Foods May Help You Rest Easy

Remove all aerated and fizzy drinks from your home and throw them away! These are loaded with sugar and offer you nothing but empty calories. And while they might see like the ideal thirst quenchers on a hot summer day, in reality the added sugar and the fizz will further dehydrate you.

Healthier Alternative: While water is always a good option, it could get boring. Try iced teas and coolers, but it is better to make them fresh at home using flavoured tea bags and sweetened with honey rather than choosing the packaged variety.

White Breads And Rice

bread food toast breakfast

White bread is made from refined flour and is not only higher in calories, it also lacks in essential dietary fibre. On the other hand, white rice is high in starch and hence a more fattening option as compared to other cereals.

Healthier Alternative: Choose to eat whole wheat breads or multigrain breads that have more fibre and hence are also more filling. Also replace white rice with brown rice.

Cream Based Salad Dressings

assorted dish on clear glass plate

What is the point of ordering a green salad when you are going to add creamy dressings loaded with calories? Most salad dressings are very high in fat content and hence negate the goodness of a salad. You might as well order a big juicy burger with a side order of fried!

Healthier Alternative: If you are going to eat a salad, eat it right. Choose a light vinaigrette dressing or if you MUST have the Caesar salad dressing, order it on the side so that you can just dip each morsel in it rather than have your salad drenched in the fat laden goo.


white sauce on bowl with biscuits on side


High in sugar and low in fruit, packaged yogurts are not healthy desserts! And while they are a good source of calcium, you will find better alternatives.

Healthier Alternative: Make your own fruit flavoured yogurt at home with fresh fruit.

If you are looking for simple and healthy recipes, then click here.




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