Never Do These 5 Things In Yoga Class

Never Do These 5 Things In Yoga Class

Unlike going to the gym or for a spin or aerobics class, yoga is a workout that connects the mind, body and soul. Most yoga gurus consider it sacred, which means you need to be on your best behaviour at your class. Here are 5 things that are a no-no at any yoga class.

Tip #1: Never Walk Into Class With Your Shoes On

You MUST always take your shoes off at the door. Most studios will provide a locker for your personal belongings and this is where your shoes must stay. If you are worried about foot infections, wear yoga socks to class.

Tip #2: Never Wear Loud Perfume

Yoga is all about concentrating on your breath, and no one wants to gag on your strong scent. It’s imperative that you use only a mild scent before you go to your yoga class. Or better yet, use an unscented deodorant to keep offensive body odour at bay. Be sensitive to other yogis, as many individuals may be allergic to strongly scented perfumes, body lotions and body sprays.

Tip #3: Never Invade Other’s Space

Yoga asanas need ample space, so make sure that you place your yoga mat at a fair distance from your neighbour. This helps avoid collisions during stretches but also helps with maintaining concentration and focus during the class. A good technique is to stagger your mat instead of aligning it to your neighbour’s, so you both have ample space. Additionally, make sure that you never walk over someone’s yoga mat. No one wants to put their face where your feet have been. Respect other’s space.

Tip #4: Never Talk Loudly Or Disturb others

If your conversation with a friend isn’t over before the class starts, avoid any further talks until the class is over. Yoga is all about reconnecting with your own self and maintaining silence during a class is important to achieve the state of Zen, which is what many yogis seek. It’s challenging to tap inside your heart and mind amidst chatter.

Tip #5: Never Be A Know-It-All

Probably you aren’t new to yoga. Probably you’ve watched a few yoga shows on TV and tried some asana at home, and are only joining a class so you have company and direction. In any case, avoid being a know-it-all and don’t perform any step ahead of the class. Chances are, your yoga guru has his/her own technique for each asana and doesn’t want you leading the class, especially the beginners.

While these are our top 5 tips, we also think that you must try to avoid coming to a class late or leaving it early. The beginning and end yoga asanas are geared towards tapping into your consciousness and relaxing, and it can be very disturbing to your fellow yogis when you arrive late or leave early, packing/unpacking your things noisily.

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