This Is The Only Fanny Pack You Should Own ( It’s Beautiful + Cruelty Free!)

Do you really need that $3 pullover from H&M? Or that cheap set of earrings because you are bored and need something to do? These are not rhetorical questions but real ones because what you buy has a larger impact than you may realise.

One of the most heartbreaking documentaries I have seen recently is The True Cost on Netflix. The film explores the exploitative and dark side of the fashion industry by revealing the real price workers in third world country pays for our fashion choices. The documentary was absolutely heartbreaking ( watch it and you will realise what I mean).

But it also strengthened my resolve to shop ethically sourced and crafted products only because as a consumer, I decided to change. Because it’s not just enough to “feel bad” but it’s important to take action as well.

I Want A Fanny Pack!

Yes, it sounds weird but I really do. It’s convenient keeps your hands free and can look cool if you buy the right one. But the world of fanny packs is a little weird with strange designs and slouchy designs. That’s when I discovered the American brand Melie Bianco but especially the Jenna Bone Bum Bag.

Jenna Red Bum Bag


Now this is the way to do a vegan bag, right? Sleek, stylish and cool! The bag is crafted from a natural material called PU (Polyutherane) and does not contain the harmful side effects of PVC. The best part about Melie Bianco is that they follow fair trade principles and follow a profit sharing method.

I am obsessed with the red one but for the sober at heart, there’s also variations of grey available.

Buy here

Checkout their belt bag collection here

Our fashion choices impact the world around us in ways we cannot fully comprehend yet. But like I said, if you are mindful of what you eat, then it’s important to be equally mindful of what you wear and carry as well. Do you agree?

If you know of more vegan and fair trade beauty and fashion brands, let me know because I am looking!

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