Ladies, Your Search For The Perfect Basic T Shirt Is Over

Ladies, Your Search For The Perfect Basic T Shirt Is Over

Finding the right basic t-shirt is as rare as finding a low-calorie snack that you actually like. You may laugh at that example but try seaweed chips and you will know what I mean (It’s not tasty btw!). As someone who loves athleisure wear for any occasion, my search for the perfect t-shirt is never-ending. The criteria are pretty simple actually:

1. It needs to fit well. Nothing loose and slouchy, thank you.
2. It needs to be made from a sustainable and eco-friendly material.
3. It needs to look good!

Simple enough, right? Yet, it’s a tough task to find the right one. Until I discovered Carrot Banana Peach. No, I am not talking about discovering fruits in general but the UK based organic plant-based clothing brand. They have some really cool sport and yoga garments for men and women made from Bamboo! And here I found the most perfect basic t-shirt. ever. Btw, if you are a runner then you need these 3 products in your closet.

Aloe Vera T-Shirt

This t-shirt is part of the brands Aloe Vera Clothing and as per their website:

Aloe Vera

So far, so good! I absolutely love the style and colour of this t-shirt and can already visualise myself wearing it in 10 different ways. Simple, elegant, a fabulous colour and will go extremely well with denim shorts, don’t you think?


Buy here

This is not a sponsored post and I am not trying to promote this brand. I am always on the lookout for cool products which are not harming animals or the earth and as when I find one, I share it with you. If you know of any such brands, email me at

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