I Snacked On Nutrition Bars from The Lean Snack 4 Days And Now I Know 3 Things for Sure

4 pm is usually a difficult time of the day for me. Because at exactly 4 pm every afternoon, I get ravenously hungry. Its a strange kind of hunger mixed with an intense sugar + coffee craving, which I try my best to avoid/ignore.

But only if it was that easy.

Ordinarily, I grab a fruit and drink a large glass of water and focus on my work. But like I said, it’s not easy to curb what I call the “4 pm craving” and on some weak days, I do grab a cup of coffee and a fried snack. Yes, there I admitted it. Here are some of the items I prefer to eat at 4 pm:

1. Fruit
2. Unsalted peanuts
3. Fruit
4. That’s all.

The issue is that I train at 7.30 pm everyday and its crucial for me to not overload myself and fill my system with too much sugar, gluten or carb. So I make do with what I can get. But then a nutrition brand called The Lean Snack sent me some of their bars to try and I was intrigued but was not expecting much. Why? Because I am not a “protein bar kinda gal” as more often than not, such bars contain way more sugar than it should.

But the bars from The Lean Snack do not contain any refined sugars or added preservatives. That’s a good start.

So I ate one bar every day at 4 pm for 4 days ( because they have 4 varieties and I got a sample each) and here’s what I found.

1. These bars are not really sweet and I liked that a lot! Each bar contains about 5 gms of sugar and its derived from Honey and Jaggery.
2. They contain oats and nuts. I love both equally.
3. The size of each bar is just right. Not too heavy and not too light. It’s perfect for satiating the 4 pm sugar craving. But I got hungry quite quickly afterwards.

Checkout their collection

They have 4 flavours but the one on the right, the chocolate special was my absolute favourite. Maybe because I love chocolate but this bar had a hint of strawberry which I loved!  To be honest, I still may not a nutrition bar convert but I will still carry one of these in my bag for that sudden hunger or craving.

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