Should Meditation Be A Part of Your Beauty Regime?

Should Meditation Be A Part of Your Beauty Regime?

Stress is not just bad for your heart health and mental health; it is also very bad for your skin tone and texture. Could meditation be the secret for improved skin tone that glows with natural beauty? YES!

The skin is our largest organ. Skin cells are continually renewing themselves. As cells mature, they are pushed outward by younger cells. But what happens when these ‘younger’ cells are not healthy? Stress has become a constant part of our daily lives, and consequently, our beauty routines. With high levels of stress, you are more prone to experience acne, wrinkles, dry skin and even hair loss.

Instead of only recommending topical treatments, dermatologists are also prescribing meditation—the practice of calming your mind to reduce stress.

Meditate Your Way To Better Skin

Meditate Your Way To Better Skin

The body needs time in order to generate new skin cells. What’s more, the new cells must be healthy too. If the health of the emerging cells is compromised by stress, poor nutrition, hormonal imbalances and environmental factors, the quality of the skin deteriorates. Poor skin renewal is also the culprit for dull and sallow skin, or papery, thin skin that lacks elasticity and resilience. Other symptoms of stress that appear on the skin are acne, hives, rosacea, psoriasis and more, and people manifest stress in their skin.

  • Therefore, stress reduction is critical for successfully treating skin ailments and promoting healthy skin cell growth and regeneration.
  • This is where meditation steps in. Meditation improves the quality of your skin by addressing it from inside out.
  • As you enter a deep meditative state, the body automatically switches to a healing, regenerating operating mode.

Stress reduction further enhances the body’s capacity to self-heal and function optimally. Meditation teaches you to attain a state of mental control, resulting in a distinct energetic signature that affects your body as a whole.

Beat Stress And Beautify Your Skin

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When you are stressed, your blood vessels constrict. Stress also makes you release all sorts of stress hormones, which can trigger your body to decide that skin circulation is not a priority, and to channel blood away from the skin toward large muscle groups and other struggling organs in the body.

  • Not only is the skin deprived of oxygen and nutrients in this case, it also becomes so sensitive that pre-existing issues, such as acne and eczema, tend to flare up.
  • Stress hormones also increases toxin buildup within the body, which shows on your skin.
  • A stronger retinol or thicker moisturizer may relieve some of the symptoms, but the smartest cure is to relieve the stress itself.
  • Meditation allows you to enter a state of calmness and peace that greatly helps to eliminate toxins from the body.
  • Good blood circulation is vital for healthy skin, and meditation ensures your breathing is relaxed, blood circulation is boosted, and muscles are unclenched.
  • This simple process is the key to promote skin regeneration and also prevent fine lines as well as stress/frown lines from showing on your face. Meditation, especially when coupled with yoga, can stimulate blood flow, lymphatic flow and oxygenation throughout the entire body.

Your skin will always reflect on the outside what you think about yourself on the inside; so as you work on the inside, through self-awareness, mindfulness and personal growth, your skin will improve as well.



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