8 Simple Ways To Take Care Of Your Liver

8 Simple Ways To Take Care Of Your Liver


The liver is the second largest organ in the body. A myriad of crucial body functions are the responsibility of our liver every single day, though the primary job is to metabolize nutrients, alcohol, drugs or anything else consumed in your diet by filtering the blood flowing from the digestive tract in to the liver. Also, the liver produces proteins, manufactures bile to break down fat and also clears out bilirubin, which is a harmful substance the body creates when red blood cells break down.

  • Since your liver is responsible for processing and metabolizing all the food you intake, you can imagine that your liver is the main organ subjected to the assault of alcohol, drugs, pesticides, hormones, medication and microorganisms in food.
  • Drink too much and too often, and you damage the liver.
  • Similarly, take too many medicines without the prior approval of your doctor or pop a pain killer for the so called ‘migraine’ every evening, and you are again wreaking havoc on your liver.

This is why, you need to take special care of your liver, because your liver works hard to eliminate all toxins from the blood stream, though a few are always left behind which can deteriorate the health of your liver.

You must be committed towards supporting your liver health in every way possible, and that means you need to be more careful about the food you order as well as the pills your doctor has prescribed for you.

So here are 8 tips that can improve your liver health and rejuvenate your liver, so that it stays in top form:

Eat Organic As Much As Possible 

Eat organic

Since your diet is the biggest burden on your liver for metabolizing nutrients, try and buy only organic food that is free from pesticides and toxins.

Limit Fat And Fructose Intake

Limit Fat

You need to do your liver a favor and remove any fructose and trans-fat from your diet, which are majorly found in all processed foods and fried foods.

Eat Your Vegetables

Eat Your Vegetables

Fresh fruits and veggies naturally detoxify your liver, and hence they must be added to your diet. Sulfur rich vegetables like cabbage, onions, broccoli and cauliflower are especially good for the liver.

Cut Back On The Pegs

Cut Back On The Pegs 

Alcohol can destroy liver cells and can cause all the major liver diseases – cirrhosis, fatty liver, hepatitis and inflammation. If you already have been diagnosed with a liver disease, even a small quantity of alcohol is bad for you.

  • A healthy lifestyle is your best defence against liver diseases.
  • So if you thought that you can drink a six pack every day and live off on KFC fried chicken wings only because you are young and healthy, you need to re-think your priorities.
  • Liver damage happens slow and steadily, and by the time you regret the decisions you make today, it might be too late to save your liver.

Go Natural

Go Natural 

Go green and use natural household products that don’t contain harsh chemicals. Instead of using poisons for cleaning or killing pests, use home remedies to reduce stress on liver.



Make sure you do a 1 to 3 day liver detox once a month to eliminate toxins and chemicals from your body.

Be Careful With 3 Supplements You Should Be Taking Every Day No Matter How Old You Are

Taking improper dosages, taking pain killers too often and mixing medicines with alcohol and other drugs are all potentially hazardous for your liver health.

A Healthier Lifestyle

A Healthier Lifestyle

Change your lifestyle. Quit smoking and exercise every day to reduce chances for fatty liver disease. Also, take liver supporting supplements like milk thistle, grape seed extracts, green tea and Alpha Lipoic acid.

Its important you make a conscious decision to focus on your liver to improve your health and wellness quotient. Here’s a video which talks about foods which help the liver.






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