These 3 Simple Things Can Make Your Weekend More Meaningful

These 3 Simple Things Can Make Your Weekend More Meaningful

It’s 5 pm on a Friday and you feel a sense of relief wash over you. The weekend is here and you are going to LIVE IT UP. Plans and things to dos swirl in your head in an exciting concoction and you feel thrilled and alive.

Fast forward to 5 pm Sunday evening: You spent the whole weekend binge-watching Netflix, eating junk food and sleeping. Maybe you met a few friends over drinks and that’s about it. You did not productive or useful and now you feel a sense of dread and loom. Tomorrow is Monday after all and that’s terrifying for many. Sunday Night Syndrome is very real, isn’t it?

Sounds too familiar, right? Well, if you are a weekend chaser and tend to keep your life on hold until Friday evening, then yes, it is depressing. But if you are keen to feel differently on a Sunday evening then follow these 3 simple steps to make your weekend more meaningful.

The Weekend Is Not Going To Save You or Create A New You

The Weekend Is Not Going To Save You or Create A New You

Stop looking at the weekend to rescue you. You do have the freedom to sleep a little longer but move once you are done get up! Go for a walk, go to the gym, meditate, read a book, cook a new recipe. You have the luxury of time to make use of it. Anything that makes you happy is a good start and Netflix should be last on the list.

Fun Activity: Cook this Delicious Slow-Cooked Indian Style Chicken Curry at home.

Opt For A Digital Detox

Opt For A Digital Detox

No, we are not recommending your switching off your cell phone and pretending that you are dead ( if you could pull this off without freaking out your parents, then well done!) but put the phone away. Nothing life altering is going to take place on Instagram and you will survive without Facebook for 2 days. Give your eyes, brain and heart a rest and create something instead. Maybe you like to write or paint or pet cats does not matter what it is, just experience the real world.

Fun Activity: De-clutter your home and sell the extra handbags, shoes and clothes Vestiare.

Do You Know Other Humans?

Do You Know Other Humans?

Of course, you do! Then reach out to them. Call a friend and catch up, ideally not in a bar. Participate in a social activity like dance class, kickboxing or a book reading. Or volunteer at a local shelter. Don’t have friends? No problem. There are lots of wonderful cats and dogs who would love to hang out with you. The idea is to experience real lives, real-time and not just digitally. Stop leading your life in an insipid manner which will ultimately result in isolation, melancholy, depression and loneliness.

Activity: Visit and spend time with cats and dogs at In Defence of Animals.

The above steps may seem too simplistic and they. But our lives are not simple anymore and we have the option of living in a virtual world. But the key to finding meaning and not clinging to the weekend for fulfilment is by realising that there’s a life beyond our phones and computers. So step keep your phone aside and go for a walk.

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