Tea Is The Best Health Drink Ever. Here’s Why

Tea Is The Best Health Drink Ever. Here’s Why

Tea has miraculous effects in elongating the lifespan of man, considering that modern man is preyed upon by numerous fatal diseases, thanks to the many faulty lifestyle choices. And thus, not only the fitness freaks but the desperate human race, in general, has resorted to accepting the potential of the healthy drink of tea.

Research shows that drinking a cup of this beverage twice daily, whether you brew it in the form of loose tea leaves or use tea bags, can give you a fit and fine life ahead. The medicinal properties of tea; i.e. the typical Camellia Sinensis herb that yields the tea leaves to the world can actually have a healing effect on the diseased body making a man healthy and full of energy. But what makes tea such a healthy choice?

Can it only help to prevent a few lifestyle diseases, or does it pack the punch to actually reverse the signs of damage already done to our bodies? Is there more to tea than what meets the eye?

When For the First Time Was Tea Connected To Health?

When For the First Time Was Tea Connected To Health?
  • For about thousand years or more, tea has been regarded as a principal source of sound health, happiness plus wisdom in the Oriental world.
  • It was then used as a purely medicinal herb in China, the birth land of all teas, some 5000 years ago.
  • Tea for the first time came to be associated with health in the poems composed by Lu Yu nearly a span of 1200 years ago. Lu Yu, a reputed poet of the Song Dynasty in China, was known worldwide for his deep love affair with this unique beverage and all the effort he had made to promote it.

Today tea, rather the various forms of tea like black tea, green tea, white tea, red tea, oolong tea etc have become an inseparable part of our lifestyle and are indispensable to major health care plans. Since the 1960s, serious and quite systematic scientific research studies began to prove tea’s potency as a restorer of health and these researches have made the Western world too accept this holistic beverage wholeheartedly.

What Can Tea Do For Your Health?

What Can Tea Do For Your Health?

It is really worthwhile to take a holistic look at tea as a health drink. It will uphold before us the diversity of this wonderful household drink.

Tea: Disease Prevention Properties Explored

Tea is rich in polyphenol, a kind of powerful antioxidant which according to scientific researchers can successfully deter the progress of many dangerous diseases like cancer, cardiac problems, strokes, Diabetes (Type2), Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Osteoporosis etc.

  • Thus, tea is included in the preventative program against these diseases on an experimental basis in many countries.
  • In recent times the production of tea has been started in many Southeast Asian countries among which India is one of the leading ones with its myriad tea producing regions.
  • Cancer is one disease that is also spreading like an epidemic in the country. Medical studies reveal that by including tea as a preventative drink to wage a battle against cancer, the proliferation of the cancer cells could be delayed to some extent.

Tea: Perfect Alternative To High Caffeine Drinks

Higher caffeinated drinks like some colas and coffees are not, of course, a healthy choice for your life. So if you have decided to switch on to some lower caffeinated drink, whether to follow the advice of your doctor or due to your own desire to balance your lifestyle, tea is undoubtedly the best option.

  • The caffeine content of green tea, for instance, is 1/5th that of coffee, and that of black tea is 1/3rd that of coffee.
  • However, if you are a great lover of caffeinated tea, then once in a while you can indulge in a cup of the Japanese Matcha, a uniquely processed green tea very high in caffeine.

Tea: Great Source Of Dietary Nutrients

If you think you are impoverished, drink tea in optimum quantity because it can supply your body with many essential nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin B2, Folic Acid (B9), Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E; many vital body nourishing minerals like manganese, magnesium, potassium, iron and calcium.

  • Thus, tea can also serve as an important source of dietary nutrients and be the perfect complement to a healthy, balanced diet that will result in better overall health.
  • This fact can be of extreme use to those who do not believe in taking dietary supplements; here you have the perfect alternative that is holistic and all natural!

Tea: An Anti-Ageing Miracle

Tea is a huge storehouse of antioxidants. These antioxidants pack the power to reverse the damaging effects of free radicals on our body cells, thereby reversing the ageing process.

  • Thereby if you wish to look younger than your years, increase your consumption of tea.
  • Regular consumption of tea, especially white tea and green tea, can improve hair texture and skin quality by reducing fine lines and wrinkles and can also give your skin a smooth, glowing look.

Tea: The Easiest Way To Slim Down

Today obesity is a pandemic problem worldwide and to control it, tea can be of real help. If you wish to trim yourself down, drink as much green tea and oolong tea as you can. These two tea types can boost your body’s metabolic rate amazingly because of the chemical EGCG.

  • They can burn down the accumulated fat quite speedily so that you can accelerate your weight loss process.
  • If you want to fit that dream swimsuit the coming summer, increasing your intake of these tea right away and feel the difference.

Tea: Boosts Mental Health

There are some special tea blends like Earl Grey which makes use of the aromatic Bergamot oil. Also if you wish, you can prepare special herbal tea infusions making use of flavorful herbs like lavender, rosemary, chamomile, peppermint etc.

  • These teas work like the perfectly holistic stress buster.
  • They offer natural aromatherapy to a tensed mind-calming it, uplifting moods and making you feel mentally fit and physically energetic.
  • In other words, if you sip from a cup of aromatic tea at the end of a tiresome day, you’ll feel relaxed and reenergized.

Tea: The Perfect Way To Stay Hydrated

Replenishing lost water is important for the sound functioning of the body. Caffeinated drinks dehydrate the body a lot. But tea is a very low caffeine drink and therefore when the sun is blazing on you, drinking tea can be a great solution to keep yourself refreshed.

  • Choose from green teas, white teas and herbal infusions that have a negligible amount of caffeine because these are the best way to stay hydrated.
  • Stronger teas, like some black teas, could leave a dry taste in your mouth.

Tea: Good Oral Health Indeed

Tea is rich in tannins and natural fluorides.

  • These resist plaque formation, safeguarding teeth’s enamel and promoting periodontal health.
  • Thus, you can keep problems like bad breath, tooth decay, yellowing of teeth etc at bay by drinking tea on daily basis. Say hello to your new dental care expert.

Tea: An Environmental Friendly Beverage

Tea is perhaps the most environmentally friendly beverage. Loose tea leaves can be easily composted post-usage.

  • If you want to splurge on an environmental beverage, go for the tea made out of loose tea leaves and always avoid canned or pre-bottled ones.
  • Furthermore, cultivation of more tea shrubs means more greenery on the earth which would definitely combat the problem of global warming too.

So if you wanted to know why tea is a holistic health drink, we hope we have given you many good reasons for the same!

If you already love tea, then you will also enjoy this tea cake recipe!


  1. Himanshu


    I myself switched to black tea and experienced its benefits, ever since I have been fascinated by the different flavours there are in the market. Recently I found that a medicinal mushroom called cordycep is being used in a similar way. I was hoping that you could shed some light on that subject.


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