Garlic, The Superstar Inflammation Fighting Ingredient

It may have a strong odor, but garlic is known to be the most potent anti-oxidant ever and can improve the digestive system as well. It contains Allicin, a substance that eliminated free radicals from the body and prevents the breakdown of cells. This process keeps diseases at bay and also prevents signs of aging.

In fact, so potent is garlic that it also boosts hydrogen sulfide production in the body that has now been proven through studies to prevent cancers of several kinds, including colon, breast and prostate cancer.

Amazing Health Benefits Of Garlic

Improves Heart Health In Diabetics

Through research, it has been determined that garlic has the potential to ward off Diabetic Cardiomyopathy, a condition common in Diabetics where the heart enlarges and weaken as the disease progresses.

Helps Lower Blood Pressure

For years in Ayurveda, garlic has been used to lower blood pressure and also cholesterol levels. Therapists recommend that one clove of crushed garlic taken on an empty stomach can improve BP levels drastically.

Aids Healthy Digestion

Many studies have proven that those suffering from chronic digestive disorders can find relief by adding garlic to their diet.

In fact, garlic can also prevent intestinal infections and inflammations when eaten regularly. It dispels worms and bacteria in the digestive tract, hence improving the functioning of the digestive system.

Headache Prevention

Like aspirin, garlic can thin the blood and prevents blood platelets from clumping together. This improves blood flow to the exterior portions of the body and cures headaches and migraines naturally.

Manages Cold and Flu

The antibiotic properties of garlic can improve the immune system and helps fight against the flu. Also, on the onset of cold, 2 cloves of garlic eaten raw can bring relief from symptoms.

Great for Eye And Ear Care

Garlic has Selenium, Vitamin C and Quercetin that improves the functioning of the eyes and also reduces any redness, swelling and watering. Similarly, it is an anti-viral agent and the oil of garlic (made by squeezing garlic juice and adding to a few drops of olive oil) can be used treat ear aches.

Contains Massive Antiseptic Properties

By applying garlic juice to an infected wound, you can revel at the antiseptic properties of garlic as it treats the wound and brings relief. However, use garlic juice mixed in water rather than raw, as the raw juice can sting a lot.

Its antibiotic properties will heal the wound, which is another reason why garlic juice is also a popular home remedy to treat acne and acne scars.

Asthma Relief

A popular ‘Gharelu nuska’, 3 cloves of boiled garlic added to a glass of milk can bring relief from asthma attacks in allergy season when pollen is at its peak. Drink this concoction at night to keep asthma at bay and enjoy the changing season without a worry.

Improves Sexual Health

Garlic is known to be an aphrodisiac and can improve the sexual prowess of both men and women. It rejuvenates sexual desire and reduces fatigue so that you are more inclined to have a healthy sex drive.

In fact, a study conducted at Albert Einstein College of Medicine found that garlic can also improve heart muscle tissue and reduce the damage caused by heart attack. With so many benefits, can we ignore the potency of garlic any longer? We think not! So go ahead and add chopped garlic to your gravies, pasta dishes, breads and even cooked sabjis and enjoy these healthy benefits!

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