This Is Why Quinoa Is A Superfood And Should A Be Part Of Your Diet

This Is Why Quinoa Is A Superfood And Should A Be Part Of Your Diet

Quinoa is a seed that is basically consumed and prepared like grains. It has been quite popular in South America but reached the ‘superfood’ status some years ago.

Here Are 7 reasons Why It Should Be A part Of Your Diet:

Quinoa is rich in fibre, almost two times as rich as other fibres. There are many studies showing that soluble fibre helps lowering cholesterol, reduces blood sugar levels and also aids in weight loss. Btw, if you are suffering from Chronic pain, then it‘s time to give vegan diet a try.

It is packed with an ample amount of Magnesium and Iron. Magnesium helps prevent heart diseases and iron is any day good for muscles and brain. Here are 9 ways to show your heart some love.

The grain contains all essential amino acids which make Quinoa a great food for protein intake. Our body requires protein to enhance the repair mechanism and maintain itself.

The gluten-free property of Quinoa makes it perfect for people with gluten intolerance. Used instead of artificial gluten-free foods, it can exponentially increase the nutrient value of the diet. Also, this amazing gluten free breakfast recipe will blow your mind!

Quinoa also contains flavonoids such as Quercetin and Kaempferol. These crucial plant compounds showed anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-viral and anti-depressant effects when tested on animals.

Presence of antioxidants make Quinoa an unavoidable addition to meals and once sprouted, the antioxidant content increases.

It is rich in Vitamins; particularly Vitamin B which helps in most of the processes the body goes through each day.

And, well, Quinoa tastes good too. You could boil and use it for salads, or cook it with vegetables to consume as a meal.

Here‘s a tasty recipe to get you excited about this super grain.

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  1. Suresh

    Great Article on Quinoa with its uses as fiber and additional minerals.

    Just to add Fiber is very important to the body, which actually doesn’t get digested completely by our digestive system, but all the way through the body cleans and replenishes the whole mechanism.


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