5 Simple And Effective Ways To Avoid Weight Gain During Menopause

5 Simple And Effective Ways To Avoid Weight Gain During Menopause

The age of 40 in women introduces them to menopause, which in turn comes with its set of health issues.

Apart from mood swings and anxiety, an increment in weight is one of the main effects menopause brings with itself. Weight gain during menopausal years happens because ovaries stop producing two important hormones, namely Estrogen and Progesterone.

These primary female sex hormones fight against Insulin and Cortisol, the fat storing and muscle building hormones. When menopause strikes, your ovaries have already stopped producing Estrogen and Progesterone, accompanied by the slowing down of the body’s metabolism. Also, did you know that men go through menopause too?

  • Your body becomes more carb sensitive and stresses reactive.
  • And, if you are not successful in burning calories naturally, Insulin and Cortisol ensure that those calories are stored as fat.

So If You Are Menopausal Then The Below Mentioned Tips Will Help You To Keep You Weight Under Control:

Eat food that is rich in natural fibre, increase vegetable intake and
decrease your fruit consumption. Fibre makes sure you feel full without
adding extra calories to your diet.

Reduce the amount of sugar in your dietary routine, which in turn would decrease the calorie intake. Which also means, no more cake after menopause.

Focus on sleeping well and for an adequate number of hours. Menopause can lead to insomnia and lack of sleep results in weight-gain!

Drink at least 1.5-2 litres of water every day, as even a little dehydration
can drain all your energy. Also, with the increased consumption of fibre,
water intake should be increased too.

Workout on a daily basis, try to burn as many calories as you eat.
Nothing can beat a good workout in keeping your weight in check.

Following these basic five tips will help you control your weight-gain most
effectively. Follow, and feel the difference.

If you are already gaining some menopause weight then don‘t lose heart and begin with this workout instead:

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