This Is Why You Must Improve Your Sleep Quality

3 Reasons You Should Improve Your Sleep Quality

With sleep, it’s the quality that matters more than quantity. Sufficient and sound sleep is an inseparable part of a healthy lifestyle. It can bless your heart, mind and soul in numerous ways.

Here Are The Top 3 Ways:

Improves brain functioning: Mind keeps busy the whole day. While you snooze, it’s still at work – even when you are thinking about not thinking anything!

Studies show that a good night’s sleep can help you improve learning and thinking. While you sleep, your mind prepares for the next day. Studies also show that people who are sleep-deprived are bad at solving logical and mathematical problems, compared to when they are well-rested.

Moreover, fatigue acts up on your emotions making you more prone to behaviours such as crankiness, anxiety and random emotional outbursts.

Aids in weight-loss: A healthy nap aids weight loss in two ways. One is related to behaviour; if you are tired, you are less likely to go for the morning workout or the jog. Also, you would not have the energy or inspiration to cook yourself a healthy meal.

And the other is physiological; hormone ‘leptin’ plays an important role in letting you feel full. With less amount of sleep, ‘leptin’ level drops and you end up feeling hungry most of the times.

Curbs inflammation: Research says people sleeping for six hours or less, tend to have a high level of inflammatory proteins. Inflammation is related to premature ageing, diabetes, arthritis and heart problems.

So, it’s simple. In order to avoid a number of health issues, all you have to do is sleep well! Isn’t that fantastic! We all crave for a good nap, let’s make it happen now – more regularly.

Checkout this video which you will teach you how to sleep better:

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