The 7 Deadly Sins of Pregnancy

The 7 Deadly Sins of Pregnancy

The answer – Yes. Pregnancy is a time of joy, excitement, exhilaration … and also anxiety, tears and frustration. And some pregnancy symptoms can affect your emotional health, making you more susceptible to the 7 deadly sins. 

1# Envy

Believe it or not, one of the signs of pregnancy before missed period is that you will start to covet someone else’s pregnancy. It could be a neighbor with her gentle belly swell and healthy glow, or the gal you run into at every OB visit who looks like she just walked off the set of a maternity fashion shoot. Know that every woman experiences her own journey during her pregnancy, so stop wanting to be ‘someone else’ and enjoy the ride! Btw, have you heard of these 5 pregnancy myths?

2# Wrath

If you have read the list of signs of pregnancy in first month, you already know that moodiness tops the list. So before you lose your cool with that elderly driver who is going way below the speed limit, decide to tear out a colleague’s throat because she missed sending you the minutes of meetings you requested, or pick a fight with your husband for forgetting to take out the trash (yet again!), take a deep, long breath and try to calm your mind. If you do lose your cool and explode at someone, remember to apologise later. It’s not you…it’s your pregnancy hormones. 

3# Greed

If you are closely following the pregnancy symptoms week tracker, chances are that you can envision your little one growing inside of you right now!

But hold on; don’t go around spending a huge chunk of your pay check on that super cute crib and twinsies just yet. Greed may make you want to buy the whole store, but chances are that you can get by with the bare minimum just as well.

After all, the baby will have no clue you’re buying luxury products to wipe her butt or splurging on a limited-edition stroller!

4# Sloth

You may always be tired, but don’t use it as an excuse to remain sedentary for nine months. It’s important to stay active to keep your weight gain in check. Other than a few high-impact or jarring activities like team sports and horseback riding, there’s little you can’t do during pregnancy.

5# Lust

You’re especially susceptible to this one if your OB is a handsome man! Every time you see him, he asks how you’re doing. He confidently answers all your questions, offers reassuring advice, cares about your swollen ankles and looks completely at-ease when you start crying for no reason. He’s Dr McDreamy, while your poor, clueless husband is not able to deal with his own emotions right now, let alone yours! Here is something reassuring — these feelings will pass with the placenta. Don’t worry about them!

6# Pride

Be proud of that baby bump. But don’t be too proud to ask for help. You’re pregnant; you are going through a lot of changes both physically and emotionally, so do ask for a helping hand whenever you need one. Especially so if you’re feeling fatigued, blue and depressed a lot lately. 

7# Gluttony

No ma’am, you are NOT eating for two. You should add only about 300 calories per day into your diet—roughly the equivalent of a banana and two tablespoons of peanut butter. Forgo that second helping of pudding because the glutton in you is saying “Oh the baby needs one too!”

It is always good to stay calm and aligned during pregnancy and the easiest way to attain that state is by doing some gentle yoga everyday. Checkout this simple practice you can do at home:

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