Monday Morning Feel Good Smoothie

If you are keen to have a good or great day, then a little planning and starting the morning with the right breakfast is the key.

Skip The Coffee, Go For A Smoothie

Yes, coffee is great! It gives you the right ‘kick’ to get started and to get done with the day. But coffee is also extremely dehydrating and addictive, and frankly, not very good for you unless you are consuming it in moderation. And let’s be honest, you don’t just want to ‘get done with the day’ right? Instead, you want to have a good day and even a great one and that depends upon how you start your day. Specially, if you are dealing with anxiety, coffee can help.

This Smoothie Will Give You Life ( Not Exaggerating!)

This smoothie, which I call ‘Feel Good Smoothie’ is the perfect way to start your morning. Simply to make and freakin delicious, one glassful is loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which will not only give you an instant energy boost, but will also sustain it throughout the day. Now, can coffee claim to do that?

So, What Do You Need?

How To Make?

Put it all together in a blender or a smoothie maker and blend until smooth! Done. I prefer the MEDION Smoothie-to-Go maker because its compact and light and the coverts into a bottle.

Now if you are wondering, why there’s matcha in a smoothie, here’s why: Matcha is basically the boss of all green teas and its packed with antioxidants, boosts memory and concentration, increases energy, detoxes the body and it tastes pretty good. Basically, its the better version of caffeine and you can read about the benefits of matcha and how to make it and get started!

Also, you can buy Matcha tea here.

There you have it. The perfect Monday morning feel good smoothie to prepare you to have a great day.

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