The Simplest ( Yet, Most Effective) Diet Plan for Pregnant Women

The Simplest ( Yet, Most Effective) Diet Plan for Pregnant Women

A woman needs to be happy for the miracle happening in her body, coping with all the hormonal changes and health risks that tag along.

Well, it’s true, there is no other love like mother’s love. So, a mother does everything right from the moment she is pregnant to ensure the health and safety of the baby. Btw, do you know about these 5 pregnancy myths?

However, sometimes, in ‘caring for the baby’ mindset, women often tend to neglect their health. It is true that a pregnant lady needs more nutrients, vitamins and minerals, but it doesn’t mean that she needs more food.

The quality matters, not the quantity. In fact, there are cases, where over-eating during any trimester of the pregnancy has resulted in problems like loss of immunity, harm to the health of the foetus, unwanted fats and much more. So, it is better to follow a simpler diet rather than trying anything fancy. Also, getting pregnant in your 40s changes the rules a little, so you must be prepared.

But First, Here Are Some Simple Things Both The Parents Should Follow:

Diet tips
  1. Eat healthy and hygienic. Avoid street food and junk.
  2. One cheat day in a week is allowed. However, cheat day doesn’t mean saying yes to all the desires; no, cheat day means consuming restaurant food that is prepared from organic supplies and cooked with quality measures.
  3. Avoid eating too much non-veg. As such there is no harm, but, non-veg food is loaded with heat. This heat can react/catalyse chemicals and hormones in your body, resulting in digestive problems.
  4. Lastly, eat only what you need. Remember, you are still eating for one, your baby grows and survives on what you eat

Now, The Diet Plan

Diet plan for pregnant women


It’s true that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The energy produced from the first meal of the day helps in the physical mechanism of the body. Despite being pregnant, have a heavy breakfast that must include:


  1. Eggs are the best; vegetarians can replace it with sprouts and lentils.
  2. Milk
  3. Fruits


Lunch must be heavy and filling to provide enough for the foetus. An ideal lunch should consist of whole grains (chapatti), well-cooked vegetables, some dairy like curd or buttermilk and jaggery. Also, try not to commit these 7 deadly sins of pregnancy.

Afternoon Snack

Afternoon snack is as important as breakfast. The meal keeps on rebuilding energy and helps the body in metabolism that burns trans-fats and stores the energy for later. For a healthy afternoon snack, avoid tea as it contains too much caffeine which is not good for the health of the foetus. However, a glass of lassi or milkshake with some dry fruits is a refreshing combination.


Keep your dinner as light as possible that includes whole wheat and vegetables. A couple of hours post-dinner have a good amount of fruits that are recommended by the doctor (Different people have different hormonal reactions to different fruits).

This diet specifically revolves around proteins, whole wheat, fruits, vegetables and dairy, this results in food intake remaining the same, yet, delivering an extra punch of energy.

So, eat healthy and safe; pregnancy brains do demand a lot of irregular cravings that are usually junk, try and have the least possible junk.
This plan also helps in maintaining a healthy shape post-delivery that ensures maximum energy and strength required to get into the mould of “New Mommy.” And if you are already a new mom, then you need to eat these foods.

Also, it‘s a good idea to workout during pregnancy to strengthen muscles, which will also help during labour. Here‘s y simple yoga session to get you started:

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