The Best Way To Avoid Panic Or Anxiety Attack

The Best Way To Avoid Panic Or Anxiety Attack

I have a very strange way of dealing with uncomfortable feelings: crying or gasping for air. It’s much later in life what I realised that ‘gasping for air’ simply meant that I needed to breathe. Deeply and slowly. Because amidst an attack my mind and body needed oxygen to regulate itself. So simple, right? The ability to breathe is natural so it makes sense that when feeling anxious, you should be able to take in oxygen without struggling. 

But the opposite it’s true.

Anxiety or panic attacks somehow hinders your ability to do the merest task, aka breathing. Keeping aside this fact, the failure to take control of your mind and body is kinds crippling. I meant, after all, it’s YOUR mind, so it should be easy right? Wrong. The mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy and for people who experience anxiety regularly, it’s the later. 

The Big Question

Meditate to keep your mind in control

In one of my previous posts, I had written about the simplest and easiest way to deal with an anxiety attack, and I received a lot of emails from my readers, who asked me one simplistic question: is there a way to avoid a panic or anxiety attack?

I pondered over this question a lot and here’s a way to look at it: if you wish to lose weight, what would the first thing you would do? Clean up your diet. Get rid of all the junk food from your fridge and kitchen. Eat healthier. Workout. 

The Solution Starts With M

The Solution Starts With M

Similarly, the ONLY way to avoid an anxiety or panic attack is by cleaning your mind by getting rid of all the junk thoughts and working towards healthier ideas. And the only tools to achieve that is Meditation

Maybe, at this point some of you are murmuring, ‘Mediation? Really? It’s so boring and to be honest, I really don’t have the time’. Yes, I am aware of all the justifications but since you asked, I must be honest with you and here it is: there is no other way to clean your mind and to take control other than immersing yourself in silence. 

YOU Are The Solution

The Solution Is Within You

I have been meditating for years now and it’s the only tool that had kept me sane through the many trials of life. Heartache, health issues of a family member, financial concerns, I was able to navigate some tough times because I took 15 minutes twice today, to sit on my mat, close my eyes and focus on my breathing. Did my attacks leave? No. But it gave me an upper hand and power to deal with it. And not to forget, breathing got way easier and my gasping reduced.  And I started focussing on what was important: me. 

So instead of mindless shopping, I bought a meditation mat. Checkout out these beautiful meditation cushions in case you were looking for a new one. And I made a promise to myself, that no matter what, I will take care of myself first. Always. Does that sound selfish? Good, because ultimately, selfishness in the right way can be spiritual and will set you free. 

So if you are serious about taking control of your mental health, bring out your meditation mat and start your journey inwards. Taking about mats, I bought mine from a local market and costs around € 1.20 ( Rs.100) and it’s blue and I carry it with me everywhere.

It’s not about being lavish, but being efficient. So, every time I feel my mind is taking control and I am unable to breathe, I simply bring out my mat. And it never lets me down, ever. 

The Time Is Now

 The ideal time to meditate is in the morning and night, before bed and people who feel anxious often ( like me) need to set aside this time as your life depends upon it. Because it does. I try to squeeze in an 11 min evening mediation whenever I can but I am really happy with my twice a day practice. Also, these 3 morning rituals can change your life so try them.

So if you are reading this, I hope you understand the message. Mediation is not the means to an end, it the beginning and the end, for seekers of peace harmony and alignment of the mind. 

Today, try this wonderful mediation to beat anxiety and stress. I do this meditation at least twice a week and it really helps me. 

Do you meditate? Share your advise and experience with me. 

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