The Bengal Mat

I Love This Beautiful And Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat!

I have been studying yoga since 2007. And by studying I don’t mean that I just do breathing exercises and attend power yoga classes, but I try to adopt the whole yogic lifestyle: eating healthy, meditation and following a strict mental diet. Huh? Mental diet? I will discuss that in another post. Checkout These Beautiful Meditation Cushions.

Like I was saying, I try my best to follow a yogic lifestyle but if you have read my previous post, I have my days or rather weeks where I just surrender to the evil forces. Also Read: Why Should You Choose Yoga?

But even though I may go off-track on my diet, one thing I have insolently stuck to: I don’t use a yoga mat. Yes, I don’t and I have my firm reasons for that. First of all, most yoga mats are made from cheap plastic and I find it a big turn off. Besides being super harmful to our planet, these mats are ugly. UGLY. And IT feels like plastic because it’s made of PVC. Originally, I tried to find eco-friendly yoga mats but nothing caught my fancy so I took the minimalist route and started practicing without a mat. Also Read: Want to Change Your Life? Start With Yoga.

To be honest, thanks to my Vibram five finger yoga shoes, I didn’t really miss having a mat.

But then I came across The Bengal Mat.

So gorgeous, right? It’s made from undiluted natural rubber and jute and its PVC free!

You can checkout The Bengal Mat here.

I am not suggesting that you need a fancy mat to start your practice, but if you must, invest in a good one which will embody the value of yoga. And I purposely used the word “invest” because as you noticed, The Bengal Mat is not cheap. But if it’s the tool which will help align your body and mind, then it’s a small price to pay.

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