Gut And Mind Calming Avocado Salad

Have you ever noticed how your gut starts feeling “shaky” and “weird” when you are stressed or worried? It’s like your brain is outsourcing the stress to your gut and the result is a feeling of being unsettled. If you are prone to bouts of anxiety and unwarranted stress, then it’s very essential that you pay attention to what you eat because it will affect your mind and gut, in more than you realize. Also Read: Low-Calorie Avocado And Egg Fried Rice

Everything you eat makes you feel a “certain way”. While consuming a burger you may feel great, but post, a sense of “I ate too much “, or “I don’t feel very good” sets in. Especially, with if you tend to deal with fragile mental health, then your diet will play a very critical role in making you feel calm or aggravated. Which in turn will affect the health of your gut and vice versa. Also Read: Super Spicy Chilly Chicken Recipe

That’s why you will love this Gut and Mind Calming Avocado Salad. Avocado is an earnest superfood when it comes to depression as it includes tryptophan, folate and omega 3. Omega-3 is a vital fatty acid that helps battle inflammation in the brain and helps regulate our brain’s neurotransmitters. And this salad is delicious which is a big deal for me to say since I am not a fan of salads in general. This dish is simple to put together and will make you feel greattttttt afterwards! Also Read: 5 Practical Ways To Look After Your Mental Health

Trust, you will love it. So, let’s get started.

You Will Need:


Toss all the ingredients together. That’s all! You can get fresh avocados here.

It’s necessary to note that every choice you make about what you eat and the way you live, will influence your mental health and overall wellness. So whereas, eating junk food once in a while is absolutely okay, try not to make it your primary diet. Eat and drink what it’s good for you and what your mind and body need and not just want it wants. Also, nothing substitutes professional help if your mental health is in jeopardy. So if you feel depressed, overanxious and generally overwhelmed, opt for therapy or counselling without delay. In the meanwhile, enjoy the salad!

Also, check out this video which will explain the top benefits of eating avocado:


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