Delicious Vegan Tacos

Healthy Vegan Tacos for Special Days

Food is great! But cooking? Not so much. I love to eat and experiment with food but to be honest, I hate the idea of cooking on many days. Cleaning, washing, chopping, frying..the whole charade just puts me off. Especially on the days, I am cranky, sad and exhausted. Feeling a bit agitates? Then try this gut and mind-calming avocado salad.

But here’s the catch: I don’t like to order in too much either. I know..its a paradox but, the truth is, if given an option I would hire for myself a full-time cook. Ah, the classic fantasy where someone way more skilled will whip up delicious and healthy meals for me in a moments notice. Also Read: The Psychological Effects of the Keto Diet

Until that days manifests in reality for me and you, my dear reader, I present to you, this recipe. Healthy vegan tacos are my creation and suffice magnificently during the days you couldn’t care less for cooking.

  • Just buy read made taco shells from here and stuff it whatever vegetables you gave at home.
  • I prefer to finely chop tomatoes and capsicum and mix it with boiled baby corn, chopped coriander and chillies, onions, lemon juice, a pinch of chaat masala, salt and pepper and that’s it. If I am feeling super enthusiastic, I make my own salsa but otherwise, this one from Habanero is spicy and tasty.

Even though I enjoy cooking and posting recipes for you here, I never force myself to cook. Simply because I don’t enjoy the pressure ‘to cook for the sake of a homecooked meal’ and that’s why I try and find easy hacks and pre-prep my meals as much as possible. If you peek into my fridge you will find boxes of precut vegetables, boiled pasta, noodles and sauces. So many of these are available in the market these days that it makes my life very easy.

So enjoy the tacos while laying on your sofa and watching your favourite show. Forget the need to cook and clean, for now, just take a deep breath and simply be.

Also, if you lead a busy and hectic life, then you should know about these 7 meal hacks which will make your life wayyyyyy simpler.

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