Amazing Sweaty 45 Min Yoga for Strength And Calmness

Amazing Sweaty 45 Min Yoga for Strength And Calmness

My first yoga teacher was Kristin McGee. This was around 2005 and I had found a 1-hour yoga video where Kristin, with her gorgeous smile, showed me how to do the downward dog, warrior pose and even a backbend. I must have repeated that routine on my computer at least a hundred times, and I am still not bored of it.

I have been practising yoga for many years and to say that it has healed me, is an understatement. Unlike the treadmill or gym, where I can perform the moves on mental autopilot, yoga demands my full attention, physically and mentally. And sometimes it’s irritating. That’s why many people hate yoga ( yes, there are people who hate yoga) because it pushes them to face themselves, in their wobbliness and instability, and make peace with it. Yes, yoga is hard. Also read: I Love This Beautiful And Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat!

But yoga is also life. My practice has supported me to gain strength physically and empowered me to deal with my bouts of anxiety and depression in a calm way. It has motivated me to accept myself with all my defects and has exhibited in many glorious ways, that yoga is not just a 1-hour practice on the mat, its a way of life. Also read: Why Should You Choose Yoga?

So, today, I present to you this wonderful video I chanced upon on youtube. This practice was tough for me ( PMS time) but I felt so afterwards! My body felt strong and my mind, calm. So try it out, you have only things to gain from it.


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