Finding Meaning In The Meaningless

Finding Meaning In The Meaningless

Every once in a while I tend to take refuge in my sister’s house for a few days. I sleep in the guest room, workout, read, go to the park, put on a face mask, meditate and play with their super energetic puppy. So what’s the big deal in that, you ask? Well, I also have a husband and step-daughter and I manage a very busy household. My life is quite amazing, to be honest. My husband and I travel a lot and love and respect each other, my stepdaughter and I get along really well, we live a wonderful home..things are good.

I Just Want To Be

But once in a while, I feel overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with all the ‘responsibilities’ that I supposed to handle every day. I do my best on most days, but I also desire a break: a break from all the doing and planning and particularly, the routine of daily life.

Because amidst the desire to take care of my family, many times I ignore to take care of myself. I get too éxhuatsed to exercise, my meditation practice gets infrequent and I feel greatly unaligned.

Like I am working on autopilot, just getting stuff done without any thought or emotion. So occasionally, I make the selfish decision to put myself first and I disappear in my sisters guest room for a few days. During that time, I redirect my brain and heart to find meaning in the routine of my daily life but it is only possible when I take the time out to focus on myself and fulfil my needs, first. Emotional and spiritual needs, the need for the occasional solitude and the desire to break free from all the doing. So, I indulge in self-care on a massive scale, reconnect with myself and go back home, happy, content and with a heart full of love.

Stagnation Or Movement?

Life can feel like stagnated water, without any alteration or ripple. And it’s not a problem most of the time. But only when your life becomes so putrefied that you don’t recognise yourself and ignore your needs, that you need to take a few steps back. Simply because, finding meaning or value in the features of your daily life is essential, for the sake of joy and good sense. To be honest, we all wish for that one grand moment or achievement, which will make us feel satisfied and relevant, don’t we? But the truth is, our life and what we have created, is that glorious achievement. But since we are encouraged to believe that a good life needs to be continually filled with photograph worthy magical moments, not able to match that expectation may fill us with a sense of emptiness.

You, First

So, what the plan of action? My, advise: If you are struggling to find joy in the mundane, take a break. Go somewhere. Live with your sister, brother or friend for a few days.

Do nothing. Do everything that you enjoy doing. Simply soothe yourself. The wonderful thing is, once you take care of your soul and body, you will begin to appreciate the mundaneness of daily life.

Simply because you will understand that life, after all, is not mundane, it’s your mind that makes it so. So take care of yourself and allow yourself some time, without feeling regretful or guilty.

In the meanwhile, checkout this video, I think you will enjoy it.

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