How Drinking Matcha Helped My Meditation Practice

It is believed that Japanese zen masters would drink a cup of matcha tea before meditating as it helped them to be more mindful. Not surprising at all, since Matcha is a powerful drink, loaded with all the goodness of nature you can imagine. I started drinking matcha two months ago when Tea Trunk sent me a sample. As you are aware, I have been practising Vipassana for many years and have been strongly advocating meditation for the benefit of mental health. Also read: Why Mental Health Counselling is Important

But sometimes meditating is as tough as running a marathon. The mind refuses to calm down and no matter how long I sit on the mat, I am just unable to calm down. I call such days ‘drunk mind’. That’s where drinking a small cup of matcha tea proved to be a game-changer for me.

This powerful drink not only calmed my mind, but it also provided a weird serene feeling which allowed me to sink deeper into my inner world. It sounds strange, I know but imagine being tipsy, alert and relaxed, all at the same time. Now, since the past 60 days, my meditation practice is stronger and more stable and I feel better than usual. You can read about the benefits of matcha tea and purchase the product here. Also read: Is Your Diet Affecting Your Mental Health?

Also, chamomile tea. Beautiful, delicious and relaxing chamomile has become my favourite before bed beverage. Just one cup and I slip into a deep slumber, so much better than drinking a glass of water which I used to do. The chamomile tea from Tea Trunk is pretty fantastic and you can shop the products as they have so much variety. And the packaging is super cute! Also read: 5 Practical Ways To Look After Your Mental Health

So I strongly recommend that you give matcha a shot! Checkout this video to know how to prepare a perfect cup!

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