The Truth Behind Male Sexual Enhancement Aids

The Truth Behind Male Sexual Enhancement Aids

Today, so many guys feel that they are coming up a bit short between the sheets. So if you are looking for ways to keep your lady love satisfied, are alternatives to Viagra your best shot? Well, we have news for you, my friend…It is nothing but all hype. Despite the many bulk mails that promise to increase penis size or offer delayed ejaculation for better satisfaction, the fact remains – It is very difficult to improve on what you were born with. But that doesn’t stop thousands of men from trying because so many companies out there are making promises to help them!

In 1983, Erectile Dysfunction was determined to be a medical problem and not a mental condition. Ever since then, the idea of male sexual enhancement aids has taken over the market by a storm, because they promise that a man can take control of his erection using external means.

So many pharmaceutical companies have stepped forward to offer a solution to men who cannot maintain an erection or are sexually dissatisfied because of the size of their penis. But do they offer a solution?

Let us find out the 5 myths related to male sexual enhancement aids, which promise to be all-natural and claim they have no harmful side effects.

Here are the 5 ways that pharmaceutical companies fool men into believing they need these male sexual enhancement aids to improve their sex lives.

They Fool You Into Believing You Need Them 

Even though sexologists repeatedly say that it isn’t the size that matters but what a man does with his penis, many men still believe that a bigger penis means better sex. Today more and more men who have a normal-sized penis suffer from SPS or Small Penis Syndrome. The reasons could be many; ranging from porn films showing men with enlarged penises or a locker room syndrome where a man thought he was inadequately equipped because he’s seen too many guys with a huge organ.

  • To add to that, most companies selling male sexual enhancement aids make you feel like you are inadequately equipped.
  • Don’t believe them. If you are wondering what a ‘normal size penis’ really means, here is your answer.
  • A normal-sized penis is about 3 to 4 inches (7.6cms to 10.2cms) and can grow to about 5-7 inches when erect.
  • That is about 12.7cms – 17.8cms. So please do yourself a favour and don’t believe any advertisements that say ‘The bigger you get, the better the sex’.

Don’t blow a bundle of cash on some obscure online scheme promising to send you drugs that can help you with ED or even PE. Depend on proven methods to improve your sex life. These are a better lifestyle, a well-balanced diet, more physical activity and quitting smoking.

The Products Make Big Claims To Help Your Sex Life

All male sexual enhancement aids make big claims. After all, if they don’t would you invest your money on them? But the fact remains, they simply don’t work. According to a report published in Mayo Clinic, it was revealed that no scientific research endorses any kind of non-surgical penis enlargement drug or treatment. No health departments support any kind of pills or herbal concoctions that promises to enlarge your penis size. So why do you repeatedly believe these claims?

Most advertisements are giving you a false proof. While some will promise you a more inches, others will promise you a better orgasm. But what they all have in common is only one fact – they all rob you of money that you needn’t spend in the first place.

Some e-books will offer to teach you methods in which you can stretch your penis to become bigger with ‘all-natural’ exercises! When the truth is, scientists, believe that stretching your penis will result in reduced strength of your erections!

So don’t believe anything you read. Even the FDA approved drug ‘Yohimbine’ isn’t all good because The American Urologist Association couldn’t link this drug to treating ED and think it is nothing more than a placebo.

They Urge You To Believe That Male Sexual Enhancement Herbs Are 100% Safe

We talked about male sexual enhancement aids and e-books promising to enlarge your penis. All these do is steal your money, but what about herbs that offer a solution to ED? Somehow, the herbal industry has us all convinced that all herbs are natural; therefore, they are 100% safe. But that is far from the real truth!

‘Horny Goat Weed’ is one particular herb that many companies support, calling it a Chinese sexual tonic. But did you know that when taking over long periods in relatively high dosages, it can actually cause heart arrhythmias, or even a nosebleed and vomiting? Not so safe, we say!

Another popular herb promises sexual satisfaction is ‘Ginko Biloba’, which promises to increase blood flow to the penis and thus help those with ED. However, this herb also increases chances of internal bleeding, so you must understand you shouldn’t take this herb if you are on blood-thinning medications or are scheduled for surgery.

In the end, we just want to say that no herb is 100% safe. And before you take anything, you must discuss it with your doctor. While the herb, as it is, might not cause any problems. But when mixed with certain medications you are on or when taken by people with pre-existing medical conditions, these herbs can sometimes even be fatal.

You Tend To Believe All Ingredients Are Listed Correctly 

Some pharmaceutical companies will offer you a 100% natural herb that will help you too. Why you may wonder? Simply because the ingredients haven’t been labelled correctly, and the drug will contain traces of Sildenafil, which is commonly known as Viagra. In 2002, Health Canada found that one of the top Chinese herbal preparations for improved sex life did just that. And many other doctors have found herbal remedies to be tainted with sex drugs like Tadalafil, Cialis and Vardenafil.

That is the biggest problem with these common All Herbal male sexual enhancement aids. Men don’t know what they are taking, because the company has strategically not included the pharmaceutical product in the list of ingredients, keeping it all-natural. And sometimes, these drugs could be added in excess to the herbal remedy you are taking!

They Make You Believe You Will Be Happier If You Try the Product 

Now this one is the biggest lie, and exactly what all companies selling male sexual enhancement aids, potions, enhancement techniques and tricks are doing. They somehow make you believe that you will either add inches to your penis, or get more minutes to your erection, and in the end, will be much happier with your sexual performance.

But that is far from the truth. Stretching the penis can cause nerve damage and torn blood vessels. And even pumps recommended for ED can damage elastic tissues that exist in the penis. Surgeries like ‘Suspensory Ligament’ also promise you a longer penis. But a surgery gone awry can lead to penile deformity or worse, unstable erections. In the end, every male sexual enhancement aids you have heard of involves a certain amount of risk. You could lose sensation in your penis, have a penile deformity, suffer the loss of proper functioning of the penis or even have an abnormally shaped penis. Will, any of these outcomes make you happy? We think not!

So, at the end of the day, what can a man do if he isn’t happy with his sexual performance or his natural given equipment? The answer is simple – don’t look to change what God gave you. Instead, learn how to make magic happen with what God gave you. Good sex isn’t just about your penis size or the duration of your erection. Good sex is about connecting with your partner and understanding how to reach satisfaction using just what you have, not what you could have.

Talk to a sexologist and learn about better sex techniques that will keep your lady happier in the bed, and say NO to all male sexual enhancement aids you come across.

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