How Safe Is Creatine For Women?

How Safe Is Creatine For Women?

Does using Creatine mean you will have hard muscles like that of a body builder? Or can you still have a very feminine lean cut body with Creatine supplementation? Find out the answers to this and much more!

Creatine is by far one of the most commonly used supplements today. It has been tried by many and the results are always positive. Pick up any men’s magazine and you will find pages upon pages on how and why Creatine can help achieve that dream body. But where does that leave women. Fact is; Creatine is a natural supplement that you can get from red meat as well and it doesn’t necessarily mean you will start to bulge manly muscles.

Using Creatine supplements can greatly help even women achieve their dream figure. Let us take a look at a few questions women usually have when it comes to Creatine supplementation.

#1 – Will Creatine make me bigger and stronger without making me look masculine?

Creatine is not an artificial steroid; so it cannot really make you bulge with muscles. It works more like an energy source, one that is very superior and will enhance your athletic abilities. However, Creatine will not make you look bigger and stronger nor will it make you faster. What it will do is aid in achieving these factors because it offers you more impacting energy and thus will help you in training longer and harder.

#2 – What kind of Creatine should women use?

Creatine comes in many forms; hence it can be a little difficult to choose a supplement that will work best for you. If you are a beginner, start with Creatine Monohydrate. This is the most popular form of Creatine; it is easily available and has shown proven results. Instead of using a product that has Creatine as one of its ingredients in combination with other supplements, you should use a pure form of Creatine alone to see the best results.

#3 – Should I also create a Creatine cycle?

Creatine cycling is a popular concept where an individual takes Creatine for 2 to 3 months religiously, and then discontinues for a month. However, it isn’t necessary to do that.

You can let Creatine be a constant part of your supplement stack and use it year round. Remember, when you are off Creatine for over 3 weeks your body’s Creatine threshold goes back to zero.

#4 – Do I also need to follow Creatine loading?

No, like Creatine cycling, Creatine loading is also a personal preference. The goal of loading is to make your muscles reach a higher Creatine threshold faster. This is done by using 20grams for 5 days and then reducing the amount of Creatine you intake. Instead, it is possible to reach the same muscle Creatine threshold by using 5 grams every day for three weeks.

#5 – How much Creatine do I need to use?

Once your muscle Creatine threshold has been achieved, you can take between 2 to 3 grams of Creatine every day. This will keep the muscles saturated with Creatine. Often you will read that a Creatine container will say ‘Use 5 grams every day’ but the fact is that once you have reached Creatine saturation threshold, using higher doses will not push the saturation level any further.

#6 – What is the best time to take Creatine?

This again is personal choice. Some people use it as part of pre-workout nutrition and if you want to do that, take 5grams of Creatine about 60 minutes before your workout. Others use Creatine as part of their post-workout nutrition and in this case, take Creatine immediately after your workout.

#7 – Do I need to use Creatine on days I am not training?

Yes, ideally Creatine must be used on all 7 days, even non training days. This way, you maintain muscle Creatine saturation levels and your daily dose can be taken first thing in the morning instead of with your pre-workout or post-workout nutrition. As far as how much Creatine you should use on non training days, anything between 2 to 3 grams will suffice.

Note: Keep up the consumption of creatine even when during the days you are not training.

This video will explain the science behind creatine in detail.


  1. Creatine

    Such a useful post! I just started taking creatine supplement and I love it, didn’t know much about it before I read this because I always thought it was just for men, but it inspired me to buy some for myself!


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