This Is The Best Natural Remedy For A Toothache!

Toothache? This Is The Best Natural Remedy!

Toothache is a common problem encountered by most of the people, especially kids, who love to eat candies and sugary food. When suffering from a toothache, a person experiences physical pain and trauma that also affects other daily activities such as eating, sleeping, etc. Usually, simple remedies or traditional painkillers help to get rid of the toothache. However, in some cases, it may even lead to dental surgery, depending upon the severity of the pain.  

When experiencing a toothache, most people prefer to take over the counter painkillers to relieve the pain. While these work fine in eliminating the pain for a little while, they might as well cause allergies and other severe side effects in some people because of the high concentration of benzocaine and anaesthesia.

So if you are either allergic to traditional painkillers or merely wish to avoid their usage, here is the best natural remedy to get rid of your toothache.   

Cloves/ Clove Essential Oil  

For several years, many people across the globe have been using cloves as a natural painkiller to eliminate toothache and sore gums. Many studies have also recently proven that cloves work exactly as benzocaine to numb toothaches. Cloves are highly anti-oxidants in nature that helps get rid of any bacteria building up on sore gums and teeth, keeping the mouth clean and healthy.

The reserves of benzocaine in them acts as a natural painkiller that acts directly on the nerve ending, making you feel little to no sensation of the pain at all. That’s not all, one of the main chemical components, present in cloves is eugenol. That mainly helps in blood circulation thus improving the cardiovascular system of the human body.  Also Read: Garlic, The Superstar Inflammation Fighting Ingredient

Manganese contents in cloves help the human body in metabolism and also is a good source of providing strength to the bones. Due to such highly beneficial ingredients, clove works like a charm on toothache and also keeps you healthy.   

How to Apply?

Method 1: Take a little amount of coconut oil in a spoon and then add 2-3 drops of clove oil in it and mix. Use a cotton ball or a swab and soak it in the mixture of oil for a few minutes. Once the cotton completely soaks the clove oil mixture, directly place it on the affected area and leave it until the pain numbs and you start to feel better. Once the pain subsides, spit the cotton ball or remove the swab.  Also Read: Why Are You Not Oil Pulling Yet?

Method 2: You can also directly use the clove instead of its oil to get rid of toothache. This process is much simpler. Just grab a few cloves and place it between the teeth on the affected area without chewing. When the pain subsides, spit out the clove.

Apart from healing toothache and sore gums, cloves are of great medicinal value and have several other benefits as well. You can also try cleaning your teeth with an antibacterial toothpaste and swishing your mouth with warm water and salt. The salt will reduce inflammation and pain and kill the bacteria in the mouth.


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