Fear and Anxiety In the Time of Crisis — What To Do About It?

Fear and Anxiety In the Time of Crisis — What To Do About It?

The world is scary right now but within the chaos and confusion, lies an opportunity. 

Take a deep breath,

Yes, once more.

I know you are probably very worried after reading the morning news. Probably you are at work and questioning when your employees will commence the work from home option. Or, maybe, you have kids and aged parents and you are overwhelmed with dread and regularly thinking of ways to keep them safe. Also read: Can’t Stop Biting Your Nails? Then You May Dermatophagia

You have my compassion, you do. 

But here’s what you need to know. It’s not the time to produce unwanted stress, anxiety and panic within yourself. Also read: 3 Activities You May Be Doing That Are Increasing Your Stress

Take A Step Back

Take a step back

When life gets too complicated, the best thing you can do for yourself is to take a step back and view the situation objectively. 

  • Yes, there is a deadly virus going around.
  • But the situation is beyond your control.
  • Still, you can take safety measures which are simple yet effective can be tackled at a personal level. 
  • Not to forget, the whole world is working together to combat this issue so you are not alone.

Re-read the above lines once more and remind yourself that fear and anxiety during the time of crisis is natural. It’s your brain and body trying to protect you from the unobvious. But at a spiritual level, a crisis like this is an occasion and it’s up to you to make the most of it. Its an opportunity go deep within yourself and uncover the layers which you were too busy to do just a few weeks ago. 

Start A Meditation Practice 

Should Meditation Be A Part of Your Beauty Regime?

If not now then when? The universe has presented you with the most valuable asset: time. So make wise use of it by meditating daily for 20 min. Even better? Do it twice a day. A daily practice will ensure that you stay balanced, positive and not allow fear and anxiety to engulf you like a heavy blanket. Most importantly, your immune system reacts to both negative and positive thoughts, so meditation produces a positive mental environment for the immune system to flourish. This study revealed a decrease in pro-inflammatory gene composition in older adults. Also read: Meditation Is The Only Way To Deal With Stress

Also, your response to possible illness, as controlled by the immune system, increases with meditation. You will develop a deep sense of balance which will align with your entire wellbeing.

Stop Being A News Junkie 

Stop Being A News Junkie

Be informed, not obsessed. Don’t allow news to create fear and panic in your world. Yes, you need to stay informed and that easily happen by reading or watching the news once a day. Fear of what’s happening and what may precede will damage your peace and stability which in turn, will affect your entire family. Instead of the news, spend time reading great books, listen to podcasts, writing, journaling, learning to cook something new, or taking up a fun online course. Checkout the recipe section for inspiration.

Alter Your Lifestyle 

The importance of yoga

Always wanted to start doing yoga? Now is the time.

Drink smoothie for breakfast but never had the time? Now is the time.

Connect with old friends? Now is the time.

Now is the time for anything and everything that you always wanted to do when time was never enough. Start cooking at home and experiment with new and healthy recipes, dust off the yoga mat and try a couple of Surya namaskars, stop smoking and drinking and lessen your dependency on external stimulation. Teach yourself to sit in silence and to enjoy it. 


Yes, everything is chaotic and unknown right now. As a collective consciousness, this is very new for us and thus, very scary. But this too shall pass and you will emerge stronger, healthier and more balanced. In the meanwhile, take a deep breath surrender to what is. The rest will take care of itself.

Heres my favourite anti-anxiety meditation video to soothe your senses. 


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