5 Things You Can Do To Safeguard Your Home From Corona-Virus

5 Things You Can Do To Safeguard Your Home From Corona-Virus

The world is fighting with the worst situation ever. The virus that started from China has now taken over multiple countries of the world.

As it took laps in India, each one of us was smeared with the fear of being contagious of COVID-19 virus. The government started taking measures to break the chain of contamination. People were requested to remain inside their houses under quarantine and to step-out only in case of emergency.

So, following that most of the Indian public is staying inside their homes and occasionally going out to fetch milk and groceries only. But, still, the fear of bringing the virus into your homes stay. You go outside, bring groceries and other articles home which could be a carrier of the coronavirus.

Today, I want to share the easiest and quickest things, that you can do at your home to safeguard it from the coronavirus. But before that let’s get to know about the factor how it can enter your house.

How Can the Corona-Virus Enter Your House?

Houses are the safest place. When the pandemic took its speed, you were asked to stay tucked inside your houses and stay safe along with your loved ones. Not stepping out can contribute a lot in controlling the situations. But, along with that we also need to take care of our home environment to save it from the virus invasion.

Here are some ways Corona Virus can enter your home

Your Hands

Your hands are the biggest carrier of viruses and bacteria. You touch things, hold and carry stuff and they can come to your home through.


Everything is shut and we are not supposed to go out and shop. Except for groceries and other important things. But, also remember that these things are also coming through numerous and hands and places which could be a carrier of this potential virus.

Elevator buttons

Elevator buttons are one of those common things that are touched by countless people. These buttons can be a carrier of any possibility which can lead to you home.


When you enter your house, you touch the doorknobs or locks on them. They can easily communicate the virus inside your home.

Inter-person transfer

Coronavirus is the kind of virus that a person wouldn’t know about in his/her body for a long time. If you get in contact with a person who isn’t showing the symptoms but is carrying it, you can also become the transmitter of the virus that can reach you home along with you.

Also, if a person in your family is sick, then your contact with that person can also be equally responsible.

Simple Ways To Safeguard Your Home from Coronavirus

Now, that you have gone through the above facts, let’s get to the part where we will get to know about the 5 things that you can do to safeguard your home.

Keep Washing Your Hands

As we begin with the hands with the easiest portal for the germs, the best and first suggestion would be clean your hands regularly. Wash your hands after every one hour with soap and water. WHO recommends washing hands for about 20 minutes to remove any possibility of virus existence.


Disinfection is very important for a virus-free environment. Just a basic home-disinfectant would work or you could make your own by using rubbing alcohol with water. Use it on your switches, handles, doorknobs of doors to ensure complete safety.

Be careful while coming from the outside

When you come home after your important grocery shopping, wash your hand feet and avoid touching any surface before doing that. Wash your groceries and packaged foods as per the requirement with water or disinfectant. Wipe your bag of any other essential that you took outside with you. Carry a hand sanitizer with you while going out.

Be cautious of the packets

If you are getting any parcel delivered to your door, ask the delivery person to keep that on the table and do not touch it for at least a day.

Wear Mask/ gloves If Necessary

If there is a person in the family who is sick or is suffering from cold or cough then maintain appropriate distance and wear a mask and gloves while taking care of them.


This way you can ensure that you and your loved ones are away from the risk of catching the virus. We must understand the value of staying at home at this time. We can stop this massive chain of contamination just by a little discipline and carefulness. Avoid touching your face and wash your hands for a good 20 minutes. Take a good diet to improve your immunity and to build your strength.


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