5 Rules of Eating You Should Follow During Lockdown

5 Rules of Eating You Should Follow During Lockdown

We are living the self-quarantine since past few weeks. Agree or not many of us have started to turn anxious now. We cannot go for a drive, or run or anything else for a mere recreational purpose. Anyways, I hope that everyone is stocked-up with their necessities (Of course taking no more than what’s needed). So, with food in our houses and we are staying completely inside. The most movement we make is to our kitchen from our bedroom via the living-area.  Also Read: Finding Meaning In The Meaningless

In such circumstance, another thing that we need to focus on is the kind of food we are eating. The size of the portions we are putting into our plate is important I hope this topic will be as helpful to you as a good diet plan during the setback period. 

Why Eating Habits Matter in Lock-Down? 

As the cases of coronavirus pandemic increases, the government has put the whole country under a complete lock-down. We are tucked inside our houses, trying to our best to not lose our hopes. But why do we need to keep up with our healthy eating as well?

Less Movement

Again, we are hardly moving. Even if we walk in our balconies, it would not equate the work we normally would do if we go out for our respective jobs. So, less movement means, lesser calories burning. That’s why it is important to know what we are eating. 

Stress Eating 

These are gloomy times and we all can feel worry, stress and fear. In this situation and that’s why stress eating is a very possible action. You eat even without any hunger. Most people tend to eat chips, cakes or other unhealthy food as a result of stress eating. 

Long Siting-Hours 

A lot of us are working from home. Fulfilling our office duties straight from bed, couch or chair. A long- hour sitting and eating during this time is even worse as there are not many options to burn it out somewhere.

Our Usual Diet Plans 

Our usual diet habits are made as per our routines. When we are much active. When we have our filling breakfast, then a quick lunch at our office and a relaxed dinner at the end of the day. We are used to our regular 3-4 chapattis and Dal-Chawal. Following the same heavy and energetic food might not be needed to us while we are sitting at our homes. 

5 Best Eating Tips during Lockdown 

Trying and experimenting with food is becoming the most favourite time-pass for a lot of people. Why not? Cooking and eating good food and change your mood. From viral Dalgona coffee to hummus and falafel sandwich/roll to mug cakes and home-made pizza. It is all in trend around the internet circuit. 

Can this food affect your health? Well, it surely can. So, here are some healthy eating tips that you can follow to maintain your regimen. 

Cut the Portions 

First of all. Act a little smart. You do not need to eat those 4 ghee laden rotis for lunch. You would be sitting all day in front of laptop anyway. Do not just quit over diet even. Eat 2 rotis if you eat four. Eat one Katori rice if you eat two. That’s the simple key. 

Eat Small Meals 

Eat 5 to 6 small meals instead of 3 large meals. It will keep your hunger satisfied, and you won’t be consuming many extra calories than the ones you need. Eat fruits, colourful vegetables and snacks made at home. Involve kids to engage them. Also Read: No Matter How Much You Diet, It Will Never Work

Eat More Fiber 

A large part of our immune system is related to our gut. And the gut system needs a good amount of fibre and water content to work smoothly. So, eat fibrous fruits, whole grains, and fibrous vegetables to keep-up with the lesser-active days. Include one amla in your diet to support the gut and immune system. 

Stick to a Routine 

Just like your work, your eating habits also need a proper routine to be followed. How many of you would raise hands if asked about poorly managed meal timings these days? Breakfast at 12 lunch at 4 and dinner is just mid-night snack. This relaxed routine is potentially harmful to your body system. So, maintain your routine, just like when you got the office. A filling breakfast, small lunch at 1 or 2 and include smaller bite in-between. Consider an early dinner.

Avoid a Lot of Sugar 

Even though cakes, pastries and other baked goods are not that easy to get these days. but we all have our secret stock. But, take care you do not over-do. Rather, opt for jaggery, dates or fruits as your options if you are craving something sweet. Also Read: Sugar Addiction; It’s Time To Manage (and Not Avoid) With These Simple Steps

Keep re-stocking healthy eating options, fruits, vegetables and other stuff to make a healthy treat for your family at home. Your immunity needs to be at a good boost at this time. Opt for organic options for better health.


We all are eagerly waiting for this deadly situation to settle down. All the health-conscious people would be missing their good runs and gym work-outs. Hopefully, we will be back to everything normal soon. Till then, stay inside your homes, eat healthily and yes! Do not forget to indulge yourself in a good workout in your balconies, verandahs or terraces.

Looking for a fabulous home workout? Try this!


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